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    I know Stuart, I'm glad you understood.

    Thanks again

    Oh and i will always be smiling



      Originally posted by Countyboy View Post
      Hi Clive,
      Perhaps it would help if everyone understood how bad the situation in Wales really is. There is no "NHS Care in the Community" CB.
      Hi CB, I had no idea that such discrepancies could exist in UK. As you say, its the last thing you would expect from a Socialst government.

      I recieved a copy of an assesment done for adaptaions to my bungalow three months ago. On the subject line in bold type were these words: "Services for the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970" It then went on to describe what the OT assessed that I needed. Although I have been waiting three months and the work is not yet started, I have been told that the work has been approved.

      I wonder if the same act of parliament applies in Wales?



        Originally posted by Barefoot John View Post
        I removed the my postings as i felt fit to do so

        If you still have a problem with that then its your problem not mine
        John, I for one certainly do not have a problem with you or you removing your post. In fact I was glad to see it gone because it wasn't pleasant and Peter didn't deserve to be spoken to in that manner regardless of what pressure your under. I actually assumed the post was removed by admin as it was an uncalled for personal attack, however, I am glad you saw the error of your ways by removing the post and editing and removing the digs you posted in your 'Professional help' thread.
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          uhmm, no errors of my ways!!!

          Give it a rest now that's all i'm saying

          Very best wishes

          Always smiling John


            Hello Clive,
            To be honest I did not know of that Act but, rest assured I will look it up, and act on it if I can. I wanted to put Social Services in The Vale of Glamorgan in Court for failing in their statutory duty to provide a care package for me but because I own my house I did not qualify for legal aid. For this reason I backed down even though I had copies of the law to back me. My MP. and my Assembly member (Both Labour) refused to help. The Welsh media is also labour orientated to such an extent they would not print the letters I sent.

            Some time ago BBC Wales TV picked up on comments I made about "The Mental Capacity Act" on the Build-UK MND forum, and asked me to take part in a current affairs programme called "Week In Week Out". I agreed on the condition that the BBC legal team agreed with my findings on the act. They returned to me saying I was correct in my interpretation of the act. The format of the programme was to have been me saying my thoughts on the act, a politician and someone from the medical profession. I was filmed in my home and in hospital being taken to have my peg tube fitted, I also gave an interview on my return to the ward. However a couple of days before the program was due to be broadcast I received an e-mail from the BBC stating the programme had been cancelled because of a much higher priority programme.

            This happened three times before the programme was aired. The programme that was broadcast was entirely different to what had been planned and turned out to be more of a debate on assisted suicides. Had I known of the changes in advance, I would never allowed it to be broadcast. It was obvious to me after watching what was broadcast that someone high up did not want any people throughout Wales or the UK knowing what awaits us if we fall into the trap set by that act. The act is all about stealing all the patients assets including business and then withdrawing all medical treatment after the assets are depleted (Food and water are considered as medicine in British Law), then leaving the patient to die of starvation and dehydration. Though I do not have any wish to cause any alarm among forum members, we all could fall foul of this barbaric act, introduced under Tony Blair, and disguised by Lord Jofre's assisted suicide bill. This act is euthanasia through the back door and to protect myself I have a legal document forbidding me to be take to hospital against my will. That is the only way I see of retaining all I have worked for, to the benefit of my family.

            Take care, and Best Wishes,



              Originally posted by computatec View Post
              Hi Tracy

              Did you ask the MNDA directly, or did you get your OT to make a formal request with all the reasons why it was necessary? Also, did you approach your local branch first or go straight to Head Office. The reason I ask is that I think the way you present your request may affect the outcome.

              Hi Clive,

              My OT made a formal request with all the reasons why it was necessary. She approached head office and it was refused. As I said before it was only when I spoke to our local branch as I have contact with them through our fund raising events that we got it sorted.



                Hi Everyone,

                As promised here is some info you may find interesting. I'm linking you to the main financial page as it also provides all of our info and, at the bottom, a financial feedback questionnaire, which is the best and most accurate way to provide any feedback or experiences you want to feed back to us.

                It also provides a PDF entitled: Our financial support policy – what we can and cannot support

                The email provided is for any general queries regarding this topic.

                I will update you all again as and when there is any further information available.

                I hope that's of interest to the thread,



                  Hi Robyn,
                  Many thanks for the information.
                  All the Best,


                    depends what is called a decent salary. i am happy to get a crappy wage doing the job i want with people, if thats what it takes, to help others. some 'decent ' salaries are over 30k, not the 18k that us OTs get. depends if you in it for the job or a salary to accomodate the lifestyle out of work. I think some salaries are justified, but i only support one charity as im sure unecessary amounts go to the wrong people, so i limit who i believe in


                      well, the chairman needs a huge house and a nice expensive car, plus many expensive meals out, so that he can concentrate on xx


                        Originally posted by Dizzy View Post
                        well, the chairman needs a huge house and a nice expensive car, plus many expensive meals out, so that he can concentrate on xx
                        I thought i heard that the chair is no longer the chair because they gave it in to look after their very sick partner!!!


                          i hope you got the job