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    MNDA Tribute Fund

    My dear wife Joy lost her battle to MND on 12 December 2011.

    In order to raise as much money as possible for the MND Association, we have set up a tribute web site for her.

    We advertised the link to the site in the pressand at her funeral, together with In memory envelopes distributed in church. The response has been fantastic.

    If you want to find out more visit

    Although there is a lot to do to organise a funeral, this facility was well worth while.

    Best wishes, Paul


    I am very sorry to hear about the death of Joy. I tried to read about the tribute fund but could not find out- what should i search for?
    take care


      Hello Lucy,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Sorry you did not find the tribute fund details. Did you click on the link I put in my post. I have just tested it and it takes me to the MNDA page that talks about setting up a tribute fund. If you want to look ay Joy's page then the link is . Setting it up is fairly starightforward, but you need to tick the box for a 10 year tribute for it to work. This was not clear on the instructions at the time I tried in December.

      Also when you are linked to the MNDA website for giving a donation, it is not very clear what you have to do. I intend to discuss this with the MNDA when I have time.

      Please send me a personal message if you wish.

      Best wishes, Paul.


        Hi Paul,

        I can take that feedback forward for you on your behalf if you wish.

        Do feel free to also discuss it yourself when you do have the time, but I'm more than happy to pass the feedback on for you.

        I know we've already exacanged messages recently, but once again I am sorry to hear this news, and do feel free to use this forum for whatever support you need in the future. Thanks for sharing the tribute site link with us as well.

        Best Wishes,



          Thanks Robyn,

          Yes I feel it is well worth while trying to make the process easier for donors as well and guardians. It seems too clumsy at the moment.

          Happy to talk to the technical guys if it helps. I have a background in computers.

          Best wishes, Paul.