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The ACT Foundation (Grant/Funding)

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    The ACT Foundation (Grant/Funding)

    This morning I was browsing google in search of DynaVox's Vmax+ pricing when I came across the below website which may be of use to members here:

    The ACT Foundation (ACT)

    About us

    The ACT Foundation (ACT) was formed in 1994 and is registered with the Charity Commission (charity number 1068617).

    ACT provides grants to individuals and other charities, principally in the UK, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for people in need, (specifically the mentally and physically disabled).

    Our grants generally fall into the following areas:

    Building - funding modifications to homes, schools, hospices etc.
    Equipment - provision of specialised wheelchairs, other mobility aids and equipment including medical equipment to assist independent living.
    Financial assistance - towards the cost of short-term respite breaks at a registered respite centre.

    Projects that intend to be a platform for continuing services will be expected to demonstrate sustainability. ACT would be concerned to be a sole funder of projects that require ongoing support.

    ACT's income is derived almost entirely from its investment portfolio and in any year we receive many more applications than we can fund. As our funds are limited we have to prioritise. Not all applications for grants will be successful and some may be met only in part.

    This is excellent Jeannie, thank you very much for this.



      and from me!


        Your welcome guys.

        I did see somewhere on the ACT site that they have funded from as little as £100 to a whopping 4 million


          Jeannie - once more you have come up with another gem of information. Thanks


            Thanks Chris...I think ACT is great because not only can individuals apply for a grant, but charities can also apply.


              How ACT have helped people:

              Archive News

              September 2011 An elderly lady applied to ACT for assistance to fund a folding transfer board. The lady who is an amputee and a full time wheelchair user was having great difficulty getting into her family's car to access the community. The provision of the transfer board will make her and her family's lives a little easier. ACT were delighted to be able to help out with a donation of £400.

              September 2011 A donation of £95 helped the family of a little boy with autism and severe sensory integration difficulties to be able to install dark film to the windows of their car. The little boy who suffers when exposed to direct sunlight and heat will now be able to travel in more comfort.

              August 2011 The Neuromuscular Centre is a registered charity based in Cheshire offering a unique blend of services for people with the progressive muscle wasting disease, muscular dystrophy. The services they offer include; vocational training in IT and graphic design, employment for 17 young people, carers breaks and a fleet of 4 minibuses/carers to enable service users to be as independent as possible. Their application to ACT was for assistance to fund an automatic opening door to one of the bathrooms in their building. The installation of the door will make the bathroom more accessible to their clients and hopefully provide them with some independence. ACT were pleased to pledge £1,000.

              August 2011 The family of a young lady with Retts Syndrome and many other conditions applied to us for help to fund a rise and fall bed. Without this specialist bed, which can be lowered to the floor while she sleeps, the lady was in danger of falling out of bed due to the seizures she suffers. Her family's health was suffering as a consequence as they were having to lift her in and out manually. A donation of £2,000 from ACT benefited the whole family.

              July 2011 ACT were happy to pledge a grant of £500 towards a powered standing frame for a man with Parkinson's Disease. This man has an excercise programme to complete daily with his carers so as to maintain his current level of function and he is able to stand to a support with the assistance of two people. His OT feels the provision of a powered frame will have many positive benefits, bodily and psychologically for him.

              July 2011 The parents of a 26 year old man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy applied for assistance to fund a respite break for their son. The provision of respite at this specialist centre will also provide them with a much deserved break from their 24 hour a day caring role with the knowledge that their son is being cared for in a comfortable and appropriate environment with qualified staff able to provide him with the high level of support he requires. ACT's donation of £1,355 made this possible.

              June 2011 The Kingwood Trust has launched a project to create Kingwood College. Located in Reading the college will have a new approach to the support of school leavers with autism making the difficult transition to adult life. It will offer a full programme of skills training and education in residential accommodation to prepare young people for the world of work however profound their disability. The college is scheduled to open in 2012 and ACT were delighted to be able to pledge £5,000 to this worthy project.

              More can be read here:


                They sound great Jeannie. Now, who is going to approach them for funding so we can see if they help?!!