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problem whit ESA

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    problem whit ESA

    Have You have any problem receiving you ESA payment?
    I start my claim in June and since my document was 3 time lost then
    Have decision in September whit payments pay back since but then after every 2 week need make call to jobcentre for
    asking him to makin me some payents. Always he told me all is ok and never more hawe this again. But no its now 3 th time again. #@[email protected]"'$#@%&#@$$$
    Any idea what to do? Have enough

    Hi Max,

    I am in the process of coming off SSP with my previous employers and am about to fill in heaps of forms for ESA, pretty sure someone mentioned if you have a ds1500 should bypass all of the form nonsense and get the full allowance straight away.I am seeing a neuro
    tomorrow and will request this passport form since other than sympathy there is little else he can help me with.I am sure Max that since
    you have been given the award that they should be able to tell you when the bank credits should go into your bank.I would request that they check the bank details,request the name who you are talking to and make a note of it.Max hope you dont have to hang on the line listening
    to some rubbish music.

    you take care Max.
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      yep Roy Your a right
      but look my ds1500 passport have different flag on so every step for me is much harder, slipper and slopes. just have enough fighting. I haven't any option and this is not my choice to be ill and cant work any more and was Dr decision not my so now i depend from this help. but why one hand agree and second keep all in a pocket??

      p.s spend "lovely" morning on phone and again some told all is ok now.... for next 2 week??


        We had a long battle with DWP. Even got £50 compensation for my trouble. Do try this web site. They are expert in DLA and ESA.
        Good luck