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    Personal Indepenence payment

    Hi all,
    I maybe a bit behind with all the changes that are going on but have any of you seen the new payments that they are bringing in and does it include people like us who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I have been reading about how by October 2013 every-one who has DLA to be assessed and given points to see how much you get paid.
    I will post the link that I have found that may help you to see what they are looking for.
    If anyone knows different then I would be pleased to hear as I don't keep upto date with all this but with the weather being so bad then I seem to have a bit more time on my hands.
    I was also looking at buying a new car as mine is due for change and the salesman was telling me that due to the ammount of people being investigated that a lot of motorbilty cars had to be returned because they were told they didn't need them. That was another thing that brightened up my day (not). He did tell me that it may be possible to claim the VAT back when buying a new car, so is this true and how do I do that.
    If anyone can put my mind to rest about this point scoring idea then it would help but why if people have been diagnosed as terminal illness that we should be put through the point scoring process as we at the moment have no cure so why put people through the heartache of proving what we can or can't do when it will only get worse.
    Hope someone can answer this.


    Pete there are big changes ahead in the benefit system and one thing seems sure,it will before divi ult to secure benefits. I suggest you visit one of the benfit advice sites. I think is very good. On the car front, I think a phone call to motability will answer your questions. The MNDA is always ready to help as well.
    Hope you get the answers you need.