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    enough whit ESA [email protected][email protected][email protected]

    enough is enough.....what's is wrong whit this system??
    first have problem whit JC+ and receiving all my document (3 time lost in JC office) then 2 time problem whit money come to account ( someone blocked sending from JC+) then need prof our income ??? and all volunteer income and send 2month wife payslips then receiv letter whit agree all is ok and now cash flow be coming......
    and now again......need prof our income and all volunteer income and send 2month wife payslips......WTF????
    I know this is JC- Peterborough but now fell like benefits fraud and my sickness was a scam ..................
    i know in Peterborough is lots of fraud going on in JC but Im not one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's very sad, you would think one organisation could take all details and then they be logged somewhere for future reference instead of having to repeat over and over again.
    We are going through income checks, not very pleasant and all delay delay delay but hopefully will get the help we all deserve soon as some don't have later



      Alienista, it is a system not fit for purpose. It is aggressive, judgemental, very inaccurate and very vicious. I used the website; They are pretty expert but do make a small charge. Do you know someone who is good with benefit advice? I really think you have enough to cope with so try and get some help. The whole thing nearly dove me mad but we got support group in the end plus a £50 apology payment.
      Good luck.