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    PiP and hospital

    I don't post very often -I am Dis1960's wife. As he posted yesterday, Douglas is in hospital trying to sort out his ventilation - hopefully this will be a short stay. However he is in receipt of PIP and I am unsure whether I should be reporting a CoC now or only if he is kept in for the full 28 days (not that I would fancy their chances of keeping him in for that long, mobility issues or not...).

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    Hi Chris, you should let PIP know that he has gone in to hospital, sooner rather than later. When he comes out you should tell them. If you know that he will be going in as an in-patient within a few days or so, you could wait to let them know about both stays.

    When you ring PIP, make a note of your call: the date you rang, the exact information you gave them and, if possible, the name of who you spoke to.

    The rules about hospital stays and benefits are specific and it's easy to get in a muddle about the linking of separate stays which is why it's important to keep a note of any call you make to PIP. I have copied and pasted below an explanation of the rules:

    Both the day you are admitted and the day you are discharged count as days out of hospital.
    Personal independence payment stops after a total of four weeks (either in one stay, or several stays, where the gaps between stays are no more than four weeks each time)

    If you receive Carers Allowance, you must inform them if either you or your husband go into hospital, giving all dates in and out. Again, keep a note of your call/s.

    I hope I haven't confused you.

    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.


      Thank you, Dina, I will ring them on Monday