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Close Relative holiday cancellation insurance

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    Close Relative holiday cancellation insurance

    Hi, I've read the threads on here connected with Travel Insurance but I cannot see one that answers my question.

    My Mother In law has been diagnosed with MND. My wife and our two children want to book a summer holiday but are concerned that we may have to cancel if her condition worsens. Does anyone know of any companies that would cover us in that event?

    I've tried some and they all say they would cover my mother in law if she were going on holiday, but not us in the event we had to cancel.

    Many thanks

    I have had to consider this and I am insured with our bank.. I think that the best thing to say is that nobody can predict the date of death (sorry to put it bluntly) so if you book your holiday and we will book ours...should the worst happen and we have to cancel because our loved one is close to then end then we would be covered because we genuinely didn't know in advance that this would be the time. that's what I am thinking and hoping...otherwise once you knew someone was ill whether it was a cancer. mnd or some other life limiting illness nobody would be covered to book a holiday. What do you think of that idea?


      I am always concerned that the travel insurance company will find some technicality to withold cover. I always get the company to confirm in writing what conditions I have disclosed (it normally takes a few goes before we agree).

      Most companies seem to ask similar questions, for me they are:

      Are you independently mobile? -
      · What type of motor neurone disease do you have? -
      · Are you able to look after yourself? -
      · Do you use a mechanical ventilator to assist your breathing at home? -

      If you are travelling against your doctors wishes, or awaiting tests (or results of tests) or have a terminal prognosis then your mother in law will not get cover,



        Hi Arthur,

        hope all is well for you in sunny Lisburn,I agree most insurance companies will do their utmost to avoid paying out,you are very wise to get confirmation of cover.




          Thanks to all for your replies. I've spoken to several insurers (all of whom cover travellers with MND) and all of them tell me that a pre existing condition on a relative is not coverable.

          Looks like we may have to book and risk losing our money