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Cancer Patients Suffering ?

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    Cancer Patients Suffering ?

    Hi All, Need to rant today !!!

    Having turned on the news today, not sure if this i regional or nationwide , but the story was yet again how hard done by the Cancer sufferers are with regard to the present increased bills for just about everything , And what made me explode was that the C.A.B had joined forces with the Cancer research to see that they where getting all they where entitled to , Now being classed as disabled myself I don't remember if the MNDA has done anything similar for us ,maybe they have and just keep it quiet , but from hearing from your posts i think we all can agree that very few of us with MND have loads of cash stashed away for the bills and all the modifications that sadly we need to do to our homes just to stay in them and try to live as best we can under the circumstances we find daily, Not wishing to be picky but a greater percentage of cancer patients recover compared to us ,who have to face the fact no treatment, no cure, and very little prospect of living past the guestimate they give us. So once again the publicity guys have scored another hit, whoever runs their campaigns are masters of eeking out the maximum publicity for the cause they represent ,in this instance on the news ,genius pure genius ,pity we do not have them working for us .
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    i put both my hands on this.
    maybe is time to make some petition to MNDA???


      Hi All,

      Just wanted to say with regret to the forum and the mnda(.I make a regular a visit gather information from all you heros and sometimes have a joke or two).I failed to keep an eye on the main MNDA site were the association have a set mandate to lobby our MPs in respect to benefits to be fair and just for all with MND.I have to say I too saw the news with cancer,we know that the cancer research has a big voice and I used to shout for them,I too was about to rant,untill I checked the site which I hadnt looked at for a while.I am not sure if I am alone -i would urge everyone to have a look and take action.

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