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Ordinary power of attorney ?as hubby cant write his name anymore

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    Ordinary power of attorney ?as hubby cant write his name anymore

    Investigating options on finances and pensions wrote to company who said they could pay hubby tax free lump in full due to seriuos health rules.already sent ds1500 but they also want to have dr fill in health questionaire and the problem is hubby cant sign his name anymore so they said they needed power of attorney or court judgement order.there is nothing wrong with him mentally just cant physically sign his name so neither seem to apply as they seem to be about mental problems..have been reading up on things and it seems we need ordinary power of attorney for me to sign on his behalf.does anybody have first hand experience of how to go about this?many thanks caroline x

    Cat, think you need to ring MNDConnect. Sure they will have an answer for you. We attained power of attorney for mother in law who was too ill to handle her affairs. It involved a social worker and he had to beside that she was giving her consent willingly and that she understood the question.



      Hi Caz

      In the guidance notes that come with the forms it explains what to do if a person cannot sign, it involves filling in a continuation form and other witnesses that sign on your behalf. I don't know if you have the guidance note but if you do look at page 27 for information. If you don't here's a link to get them on line.

      If link doesn't work just go to and search lpa guidance notes.



        Thanks for adding the link Michelle - and yes, it works fine.

        In fact, because it's a PDF file, if you RIGHT click the link and, depending on your browser, select 'Save link as' (Firefox,Chrome) or 'Save target as' (Internet Explorer), the document will download directly to your computer so you can save it and read it 'offline'.


        ". . . I'll be b-b-back!"


          Hi Caz,
          Never used it but we were told that if Irene could hold a pen and make a mark on a paper that would do for a signature.The pen could be held in her mouth if need be. It would need to be witnessed by an adult independent person but as long as hubby is mentally capable of understanding what he is signing then that will suffice. Saves the cost of powers of attorney and achieves the same thing. Check with the company and see what they say and ask them why if they say no.Quote the disabilities discrimination act to them if they want to treat him differently to someone else who is unable to sign because they are illiterate say. As an accountant over the years I have had clients who couldn't read or write who simply put crosses on papers that were witnessed and they were valid legal signatures so I don't see why someone disabled shouldn't be able to do the same.



            thanks everyone.will ring them in the morning and ask why they require drs health questionaire as well because thought the ds1500 from hospital consultant should have been enough and cant see why he cant verbally tell them i am authorised to sign for him.just seems more obstacles to put in our way.such is life! caroline x


              Although I can still sign my name, when I sign something the signature is totally different to my pre MND signature and I may as well put an X!
              Thank goodness for chip and pin as typing a four digit number is much easier than signing,