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    Warm home discount

    I came across the 'warm home discount' scheme a couple of months ago and applied online, which involved filling in a very small application form. The purpose of the scheme is to help with costs towards an electricity bill and the scheme is undertaken by quite a few energy suppliers. Just before christmas we received a letter from our supplier Eon to say that we were eligible for the discount because we get income support with severe disability premium and therefore £130 would be deducted from the next bill. We received our bill last week and the discount had been applied.
    Im not particularly computer literate but the following information was copied from the Eon website and i think the other participating suppliers also state the same eligibility criteria.
    I hope this helps
    mrs m

    "To be eligible for the Warm Home Discount, you or your partner must hold an electricity account on the qualifying date and also must receive your energy from one of the participating suppliers.

    You'll be entitled to an automatic payment if you are in receipt of the guaranteed credit element of pension credit and/or are over the age of 80 and receive the savings element of the pension credit.

    You may be entitled to a non-automatic payment even if you do not receive the guaranteed credit element of pension credit but meet the eligibility criteria (see below). You or your partner must be in receipt of one of the benefits in section 1; or in receipt of one the benefits in section 2 and one from section 3

    Section 1
    • State Pension Credit
    • Child Tax Credit (where the relevant income is £16,190 or less)

    Section 2
    • Income related employment and support allowance
    • Income support
    • Income based Job Seekers Allowance

    Section 3
    • Pensioner Premium
    • Child Tax Credit-including disability or severe disability elements
    • Disabled child premium
    • Disability or severe disability premium
    • Child under 5 living in property

    If you could be eligible for the non-automatic payment, you'll need to apply online for the Warm Home Discount. We only have a limited number to offer each year, so there's a chance that not everyone who applies will be given a payment. If you're unsuccessful this year, we’ll keep your details and contact you again next year".

    Thanks Mrs M;
    I am not eligible but it is nice that you can and that you have posted it for others to follow. There is an extra cost as many of us are nearly house bound and need to keep it warmer as we can't move as much.
    Regards Terry
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      hi mrs M,

      thanks for the information dont think I can claim but I was unaware of this offer.



        Hi All

        Don't think we would be eligable either but I was surprised when the oxygen supplier gave me a form to fill in apparently they check the machine every three months and reimburse us for the electricity it has used. Thought I would say just in case anyone else doesn't have this information



          Hi Chrissy,

          Just amazing what's available, a lot of people could benefit if only the information wasn't a secret.The great thing about these forums I guess with sharing this stuff.



            I know that this is old but I found Mrs M's post very useful in regard to the Warm Home Discount scheme. Some may not be aware of it, it was certainly news to me so may be useful for others more recently affected.


              Thank you Mrs M.

              Too young in my case, but your post is exactly what forums like these are about.