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be aware whit TAX and P800 calculation....

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    be aware whit TAX and P800 calculation....

    My wife in 2009 tried to apply for Jobseeker Allowance and after long fight and lots off journey from Chatteris to Poeterborough we heard news " My wife can't have Jobseeker". Ok she haven't any job more the 6month and truly we have enough whit going to Pobo every 2 week and begin for help. We decided to give up cos this cost us a lot and nothing going back, so we signed her out.

    and today in 2013 surprise..... we have letter regarding tax whit info... in 2010-11 she received £3340...and because of this she need pay £96 of underpaid taxes ???????!!!!!!!! so I make call to HMRC and some say they have this info from Peterborough BC but after another call to this BC Lady say " in 2010-11 she received £0 of benefits."
    and what now??? ANOTHER MONEY LAUNDERING AND BIG SCAM?? for me there is no a problem.... when they send us this £3340 we be very happy to pay this £96 but this is impossible because someone took this money or tax system have big problem cos same Lady says they have hundred call like this a day!!!!
    now I'm fully lost..................and speechless

    so have any letter from HMRC.... reed them slowly and be prepared to founding some strange information abbot your self.

    Hi Max,

    Yes me too ? ,but in an email all very official looking apart from the email sender site address ,It did sound quite legit, saying they owed me overpaid tax and a hefty refund was due ,all I had to do ,yes you guessed it, reply with my bank account details and they would transfer the money within 5 working days , hit the delete button yes another scam mate.



      no is something's much different. This was officials letter from HMRC . letter send via post.
      look like yours as generous scam my scam made by HMRC


        I can't comment/help with Alienista606's specific issues, but with regards to Pete's email I can tell you with100% certainty that HMRC do not contact anyone by unsolicited email. in fact even if you specifically ask to communicate via email, it is highly unlikely that this will be agred due to confidentiality concerns. You can report it as a phishing scam via the HMRC website if you aren't already deleted it.




          can anyone explain different between letter send via email or via post ( means royal mail)

          from the beginning i written i have letter not email. so i have envelop whit 4 pages of letter yes? not a email.
          and this letter shown my wife have some income from JobCentreplus when we never ever in this year on ANY benefits. we don't even dream to have in this year. and now we need pay tax for this.
          after quick call to JobCentreplus they say to we havent any benefit shown in they system in this year. and they be send some letter for confirmation.
          after 10 days no letter and after another call same story.....this period be end in monday so i expect i be need call him again.

          form me look like some took £3400 from JobCentreplus on my wife name and now we need pay tax. NICE SCAM...NO ONE IS INTEREST...EVEN MY MP


            It sounds more like an error with the information HMRC have rather than a scam. It could be any number of things, but I would strongly recommend that you send whatever you have to prove that no benefit was paid to HMRC as soon as possible and do not ignore the letter as your wife could then be liable for interest and/ or penalties.


              yep but we need letter from jobC+ and now is 3 week when we waiting for.
              need make another call next Tuesday