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Pension fund access for terminally ill

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    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for that will try to see him next week ,here's hoping



      Hi again Pete,

      I can't remember the way i did it, it was about 7 yrs ago, before taking supplements, i think i applied to State Pension to see if they would

      release some of it, i don't remember if i got a form for GP to sign, but he verified that i would be very unlikely to reach Pension Age.

      They accepted his word, and i got a partial lump sum, i didn't foresee at that time, that MND wouldn't have me

      I, like most, didn't think i would reach Pension Age, apply for it folks, then take supplements, go beyond Pension Age,

      I feel like i've opened "flood gates" when i'm only here for Health advice, and Entertainment, not Finances



        Originally posted by fishmate12 View Post
        Hi Pete,

        See your GP, he can verify to State Pension that you're unlikely to reach Pension age ££££££££££££££££££
        Hi Ray.
        Could you explain a bit further please?
        I've tried reading up on this, but can't find any information.
        Any help is appreciated.
        xx Frank


          Hi Frank,

          Should know by now, you can only find if doing "Tangent"

          It's basically getting a few Thou now, off your Pension, and less monthly if you reach it to claim,

          Don't use Companies advertising on Tv, they'll charge 30% commission, deal direct with Gov.

          I'll be Online later, PM or email me, it's "splattered" across all Dropbox posts.



            Hi all any suggestions please would like to take early retirement to look after my wife as she gradually gets worse usual thing my pension provider has said cant until I am 55 (only a young 50 haha) really frustrating as I want to spend as much time with her as possible as we all know every second is precious !!!!


              Hi Davey,
              Awful situation for you but I do not think there is anyway of accessing your pension pot. Probably not a good idea anyway at your age. Have you explored the benefit system to make sure you and your wife are getting all you are entitled to? It may be worth ringing mnda connect and seeing if they could give advice as to how to improve your income. Are your employers able to help? Could they give you a sabbatical during your wife's illness or help you financially through this period?
              Other than this you maybe could explore the possibility of local charities helping support you through this difficult time. Could you sell your home and maybe rent using the released capital to support you if your income ceases?
              I am afraid there are no quick fixes and the above are just voiced thoughts. Hope you are able to find a solution.


                Hi Davey,

                Good advice as usual from John above. I would add that there would be a jolly good chance of your wife getting PIP bringing in a wee over £400 a month. PIP is not means tested. If you travel that road speed up your application using a DS1500 from your wife's GP or Neurologist.

                Hopefully you can get a paid sabbatical.

                Kind regards