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Getting my mobility sccooter over ramps

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    Getting my mobility sccooter over ramps

    Hi all

    I have just purchased a new CareCo Zoom mobility scooter as i wanted one that could fold down and go in the boot of a car so i can be mobile when taken out or visiting friends who can do this for me... its a bit heavy for me to do myself.
    But I can't get the scooter out of my house yet!!! the ramps the OT brought don't work as the scooter is very low to the ground and catches on the bottom.. i also need a ramp that I can lift as i'm getting quite weak in the arms now with my MND and my core has more or less gone! what joy!!

    Does anyone have any experience of ramps that would work with a 6 inch high step into my house... ? or I guess my other option is to leave the scooter in the front of my small home under a cover or in a box that I can lock..

    All suggestions welcome.
    I do have a garage but its in a block away from my house and does not have electricity in it and I find the handle very stilff to open...

    Hi Scotty (Eileen)

    Yep, that's you in a pickle for sure - no point being stuck indoors with a shiny new scooter!!!

    Can I ask do you know the length of the ramp the OT provided?

    I ask because, if the scooter scrapes the floor the ramp may be too short for the drop, whereas a longer ramp may be more suitable? Do you think if the ramp were longer you'd still have the same problem?

    Usually a 1:6 is the minimum for a manual ramp, though 1:8 is recommended. (A permanent ramp has different ratios due to building regs)

    Has a permanent ramp been mentioned? Or maybe it's not feasible due to limited outdoor space?

    Do you have to take up the ramp or can it be left at your door, which would be handy.

    Love Ellie.
    ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
    Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


      Hi Scotty;

      It's a shame that your scooter beaches whilst you're trying to get out of the door.

      Do you have any ramp or step up from the inside?

      How long is your ramp outside and can it be longer?

      It might be possible to build the ramps height up at the bottom and add a bit more.

      It might be possible to build the ramp up for a couple of feet just outside of the door way and then slope it down.

      Maybe post a picture with the scooter grounded so we can see how much it would have to be higher to clear.

      Love Terry
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