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Housing Association modern day Rachman

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  • Ellie
    Steve, unfortunately that is all too common 😡😡

    Hopefully the OT will fight your corner and maybe an Advocate too? (as mentioned in your other thread)

    Love Ellie.

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  • podgeuk
    started a topic Housing Association modern day Rachman

    Housing Association modern day Rachman

    I currently rent a small two-bedroom bungalow from a Housing Association. They recently installed a new bathroom. At the time I requested a shower, but they informed me I couldn’t have one.
    My GP recently contacted Occupational Therapy who in return contacted me by phone. The did send me a toilet riser and high type of stool. What I really require, and I did inform them of this, is a walk in shower. I am waiting for them to do a Home Assessments.
    I always thought Housing Associations had a duty of care to their tenants. This is obviously not the case with South Staffordshire Housing Association. Are they a modern day Peter Rachman…..