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    Which WAV?

    It’s time to change our Wheelchair Vehicle and I would appreciate any feedback (Good or Bad) from current users. We have a Peugeot Horizon at the moment and the ride feels like I’m sitting in a seriously overloaded washing machine on spin cycle!! So I’m looking for recommendations for a smoother ride.

    Hi Miranda,

    We have a Peugeot Horizon through motability too. If I was getting another WAV I would have an adapted one so my wheelchair could drive through the car to be next to the driver. It is quite expensive to have the seats taken out but maybe you could get one already adapted .

    My power chair goes in the back and is quite high up so I can't see out of the windows. After a while this makes me feel queasy.

    Good Luck with finding a smoother ride.
    Love Debbie x


      Hello Miranda.
      when we first looked for a wav we tried the Peugeot and Ann didn’t like it because she felt too detached from me also it made her feel a little sick. From a driving point of view I thought it possibly the worst auto box I had driven. In the end we went for a Kia Soul. It looks just like a normal car as opposed to a van with windows. It is small but with the small third rear seat taken out Ann was able to drive her power chair in with no problems. Unfortunately as Ann’s condition progressed we had to switch to a reclining chair which when fully reclined wouldn’t fit. So I guess it depends on what size chair you have. I would recommend you having a look at the Kia tho.

      good luck Phil


        We have a VW Caddy Maxi Life and are really pleased with it. It’s a long wheelbase so there is a lot of room inside, plus there is more headroom than most WAV’s so I can actually see out whilst perched in the back. My wife enjoys driving it too so everybody is happy 👍👍
        Foxes Never Quit 💙