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Using the loo on long haul flights

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  • Deb
    Hi Richard,

    I too love to travel although unsurprisingly I find flights stressful. I think all flights have to carry an aisle wheelchair in the cabin. Cabin crew can push you to the loo but are unable to help you on and off the chair, like the special assistance ground crew do. I'm not sure how mobile you are but do take care using aircraft toilets because the door usually opens inwards so it would be hard to help someone who fell or needed help.

    I have heard of people who need to go using a bottle and cabin crew wheel them to the back ( and hopefully shut the curtains !) I only do short flights and avoid drinking , which I know is not very healthy when flying.

    Good Luck,
    Love Debbie x

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  • Ellie
    Hi Richard, check out condom catheters which may be a solution (they come with different capacity bags)

    Also, check with your airline to make sure they will assist you getting to and from the bathroom inflight, not all do - it should be made clear on their website.

    Good luck!

    Love Ellie.

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  • Barry52
    Hi Richard,

    Like you I love to travel but not the getting there and back. On a 6 hour flight earlier this year I practiced a new technique. My wife walks down the aisle with me behind her holding her shoulders with both arms. All airlines have an aisle wheelchair and the staff will take you to and from the toilet.

    Enjoy your journey.


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  • richard
    started a topic Using the loo on long haul flights

    Using the loo on long haul flights

    I have always loved travel and have tried to ensure that despite my MND I can continue to do so. I have taken my scooter on a plane many times. Historically I was able to walk from the door of the plane to my seat, albeit very slowly. Now I can only walk with a frame and just for a few yards. My last flight was September/ October and I was wheeled to my seat in a small chair. The flight was only just over 4 hours so the loo was not a problem as it wasn’t needed.

    I am looking to take a nine hour flight early next year. That will be two loo visits. Can anyone please give me any suggestions on how to cope?
    • I could use a bottle at my seat and my wife will have to dispose of it.
    • I could ask the staff to wheel me to the loo but I’m not sure how it would be

    Any help and advice most gratefully received. Many thanks