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Shower chair suitable for over Bio Bidet 1000

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    Shower chair suitable for over Bio Bidet 1000

    I know people on here have also bought the Bio Bidet 1000 and then had trouble getting a shower chair that will go over it.The OT brought me chairs that were too low or just didn’t work over the bidet .
    Eventually a company called Chiltern Invadex in Banbury have been out with the OT and measured up and are customising a shower chair to fit at a cost of of £786 without VAT.MND association helped with finance but I also has to contribute financially.
    Seems being disabled and trying to plan ahead is not without a financial implication.

    On the suppliers of Bio Bidet Website it doesn’t say that you won’t find a shower chair to fit over it!In fact they advertise their shower chair as compatible when it clearly isn’t in my case
    I am very pleased with the bio bidet 1000 washer and dryer system which is great for people who have no movement or restricted movement in arms and hands.
    Hope this info is useful for other people on this forum.
    Best wishes