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Leg strap??

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    Leg strap??

    Hi folks.

    Any advise please. In power chair not able to keep feet flat so knees splaying out. Thought maybe some form of narrow strap round knees may help straighten legs up a bit and flatten feet. Any thoughts please?


    Try some DIY solutions first Shirl - if anything works, you'll know what to ask the OT for.

    A small cushion between my thighs helped me and I've used Velcro straps, even bit of scarves, totame my wayward legs. xx
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      Hi Shirl,

      I initially used a scarf because my feet kept flying off the footrest. I've tried different footrests and now I've got velcro footsplints and padded sides. The wheelchair OT said to make sure I was sitting as far back as possible in my powerchair.

      My feet still go on their sides sometimes, however which is quite painful so they need repositioning often.

      Hope you find a solution which works for you,
      Love Debbie x


        Hi Shirl,

        My husband has Flail leg syndrome now, his legs used to be at 5 to 1, then he progressed to 10 to 2, and now even further at quarter to three,

        He uses his mobility scooter in house and had trouble getting down the hallway as his legs flail so much, so I went into my suitcase (which has not seen daylight since Feb 19) and got a suitcase strap out - it works a treat.

        I force his legs together after he's got onto the scooter then we attach the strap -

        He's getting a motorised chair on Thursday all being well, so I am going to bring this up as I think there must be something a little better than what I am doing with the strap! - but then again it can only be some kind of strap!

        Husband Albert diagnosed PMA Feb 21


          Thanks folks

          You always seem to come up with some good ideas. A home made idea is already in the making.