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    wheelchairs and carpets

    Could anyone share with me their experience of wheelchairs and carpets? I am getting an electric wheelchair after the adaptations are done on my house this month. It is one of those that turn 90 degrees on the spot. I have cold uninsulated floors of laminate over concrete, so wanted to put thermal underlay and carpet on top (insulating the floor properly is beyond me and my state of health). One carpet person said a low pile hardwearing carpet over thermal underlay should be fine for this wheelchair. The other firm said I needed the laminate taking up and the underlay would be stuck to the concrete, then the carpet would be glued to the underlay. Sounds a bit drastic, and what if the carpet needs renewing?Thanks for any advice!
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    Originally posted by Heather R View Post
    Could anyone share with me their experience of wheelchairs and carpets?
    In general carpets and rugs are best avoided, but carpets and powerchairs can work providing low pile and *zero* movement of carpet and underlay, i.e. it has to be properly fitted. I used a powerchair on carpet, unglued to underlay, on a concrete floor without issue, although I only used one carpeted room, the others were tiled.

    However, for mobile hoists and their tiny wheels, bear in mind that it can be hard to manoeuvre the loaded hoist on any type of carpet. xx
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      Hi Heather R . I use my powerchair on carpet and laminate floors. As it's heavy ( the chair ) they did check it wouldn't damage the floors before they were fitted. I did read on another group that if you needed laminate or wooden floors because of a mobile hoist you could have them fitted VAT free.

      We have rugs and sometimes my chair takes them with me. However I didn't have them when I was struggling to walk and unsteady as they're a big trip hazard.

      Love Debbie x😘


        I have laminate all the way through and have been so glad on so many fronts. The power chair my husband has actually turns 360 degs and has no problems with laminate at all, the other thing to consider if you have been out in it it brings all the dirt in on the wheels - laminate is easy to clean whereas the carpet wouldn't be the same.

        Also should anyone need to push the chair - perhaps to manoeuvre it under a ceiling hoist - carpet is a nightmare - laminate is easier for fine tune positioning

        Laminate is also much easier with the shower chair/commode


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          Thanks so much for advice, Ellie, Debbie and Sue x
          Diagnosed July 2020, ALS bulbar onset.