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    Wheel/Powerchair Service Experience

    Hello everyone,

    For the last two years I have been part of regional and national service user forums tasked with the aim of recommending improvements to the supply and service offering of powerchairs and wheelchairs. This was following my own very poor experience of the supply and delivery of my powerchair that led to me making quite a serious complaint at the time and also getting the involvement of my local MP. Our local service provider, AJM Healthcare, responded well to these criticisms and subsequently set up forums to try and improve things for us - the end users.

    In addition I have also been asked to submit an application to join the Wheelchair Alliance as a service user representative . This body has been recently refreshed with the aim to push a UK wide agenda for the improvement of the overall wheelchair experience for all users.

    Also we are currently in the process of setting up a working group specifically looking at issues affecting MND wheelchair users. I hope to post again with more information on this in the coming months.

    For those of you serviced by AJM Healthcare that feel strongly about wheelchair and powerchair issues and would like to consider representing service users on a quarterly online forum then please message me for more information (if required you can be supported by a carer). In addition if you have particular feedback that you would like me to take forward for you then again please let me know.

    Many thanks,
    James x
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