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    All Terrain Mobility Scooter

    Good morning everyone
    I am trying to find a second hand all terrain mobility scooter, for Mike, we live on a farm so it needs to be quite robust.
    I really need to get him outside, so that he can enjoy this nice weather.
    Many thanks

    Don’t know how much you are looking to spend but if you google “all terrain mobility” there are a lot like this one.

    don’t forget to talk to the Association about a possible grant towards the cost.

    you might find this useful.

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      For serious off-roading (i.e. your farm) would a quad bike be an option?
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        Karen Fountaine It's important for Mike to 'try before you buy' - whatever he gets should suit his upper body strength, hand grip, ability to transfer etc.

        Hope he finds something suitable so he can get out on the land. xx
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          Also trying to plan around 'all terrain mobility' - I manage a traditional orchard project and 17 acres of farm woodland that I'm steering towards sustainable traditional coppice management with enhanced wildlife and conservation objectives.
          Ironically set all this up from 12+ years ago for flexible working, after Crohn's Disease complications.

          Rascal Optimus / Meyra Optimus RS looks useful and robust, as well as the Sunrise Q500 / Q700 machines for basic access.
          I did spot a Field Master all terrain 4 wheel motorised chair, that looked interesting.

          I'm trying to assess these sort of machines now, before the need becomes more pressing, but direct feedback from existing users is helpful...
          2020: odd symptoms. Nov 2021: Hand atrophy.. Mar 2022: Second arm atrophy - Confirmed Apr 2022: MND.
          Also Crohn's Disease from 2005ish. (Hi, I'm Dan in Cheshire)...


            I have a Q700. It is a beast and so far I've not found anywhere it won't go. The only limiting factor I've found is me and how much juggling around I can take!

            it's size and weight do make it a bit impractical in some houses and you'll need a big WAV to get in with it.