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Wetroom costs?

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    Wetroom costs?

    Good afternoon all,

    We’ve received a quote for converting the bathroom into a Wetroom (2m x 1.7m) for £18,000. This does include a Closomat wash dry toilet. How does this compare to what other people have paid for a wetroom?
    I just worry it’s a large expense when it may have limited use, do most people with MND end up having bed baths rather than using the wetroom?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance

    Most if not all people shower.

    Have you talked it through with an OT. We found them useful in terms of space required for tilt in space shower chair, the positioning of screens in case carers are needed etc.

    We paid £7.5k which included the removal of a bath, large shower enclosure, re sighting the new shower, toilet and hand basin in completely different areas. This also required some electrical work. We went for wallboards as apposed to tiles.

    if you are self funding speak to your OT about applying for a grant off the association. It’s very unlikely to cover the full cost but may help with partial funding.


      Fraxinus That seems excessive - apart from a Closomat, what are you getting for your £18k?

      Btw, some people on this forum have had their Closomat loo supplied by their Council - have you been through the many hoops in asking for one (through the OT)?

      3.5 years ago, I had a bath, bidet and all tiles removed, a sunken shower tray, new floor, electric shower put in and completly tiled for about
      £8.5k on a 2.2 x 2.5m room, but that was very much pre-Covid and pre-Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

      I will say that, for me personally, having a wetroom and being able to be showered every day is instrumental in making me feel semi-normal and sets me up for the day. xx

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        We had a utility room converted into a wet room as it was the only suitable downstairs space, the plumber quoted us £600 to move the boiler elsewhere but then very kindly refused to accept any money from us so this element became a donation by us to the hospice. We then paid c£2k for floor being dug up and sloped and walls boarded and wetroom flooring - the labour was provided by a good friend, and then we paid £3500 for a geberit toilet (including fitting) with £1500 contribution from MNDA. (Claimed by our OT).

        The OT advised not to get shower screen due to future need for tilt in space shower chair and advised on correct height for toilet, again to accommodate shower chair and it all works quite well. Due to location we couldn't have a hoist in the wetroom so manoeuvre through the house in the shower chair. Space is a bit tight, but we had to go with what was there and we manage.
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          My Neuro OT and my local council OT between them sorted me out with my Geberit Aquaclean toilet and also the conversion of my existing cubicle shower area to a walk-in wet room shower.

          These were two separate projects and in both cases we received MNDA support grants (the projects were more than 12 months apart) and also help finding approved contractors through the council.

          The toilet was £3k supplied and fitted (we also needed to install a suitable IP rated power supply for it in the bathroom)

          The shower conversion was £2.6k…. This was quite cheap because we were able to use the existing shower fittings by removing the shower cubicle and tray, tanking and re-tiling the floor area and supplying and fitting a single glass screen to stop spray going everywhere else in the bathroom. The rest of the bathroom stayed as it was.
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            We had our bathroom converted to a wet room; the cost was £6000. This was paid for by a council grant (non means tested). I’d get another quote and approach the local council to see if they can help.


              Many thanks to you all for your responses. I have chatted to the OT and gone through the costs. It’s actually not too excessive, I do agree cost and labour has gone up lots lately though…..
              We did discuss with the council, but having to fund this privately.
              Hope you’re all managing to enjoy some sunshine today! 😎
              thanks again for your input