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    New Car

    Our car has been written off and need to find a new one. I was MND diagnosed in May, legs are a bit unsteady but fine for short(ish) walks

    I'm assuming the new car will need space for a wheelchair fairly soon. Ive seen talk about WAV vehicles but I hope I'm not there yet and we've only just told the kids so don't want to freak them out just yet (though that's probably inevitable)

    Any advice regarding boot and car size? Was thinking kadjar size but no idea really.

    All advice greatly received

    My advice is avoid expensive mistakes and plan for the future.

    I kept my usual car but purchased a WAV as soon as he needed a wheelchair. My husband lost his mobility fairly rapidly so we needed a WAV.
    Carer for husband diagnosed with ALS April 2021. Hand onset. PEG fed, completely immobile, communicated with eye gaze

    Sense of humour intact throughout.

    Sadly passed away peacefully 2/9/22


      Something to consider Ian

      1. Are you a year or two away from receiving state pension. If you are then at some point you are likely to be eligible for PIP inc motability. The motability element can be used to lease a WAV or indeed any car.

      2. If you already receive state pension and are not in receipt of PIP then you will not qualify for the benefit in which case you might want to think about using the right off value you receive to as MMG says future proof now and look into getting a WAV. There are many different models to choose from including those that accommodate wheelchairs where the front passenger seat is or much bigger ones that can take two, three or more passengers plus a wheelchair user.

      3. if you decide to go with an SUV on the basis of using a manual wheelchair think about who it is that will be loading the chair and would they physically be able to lift it into the boot.

      If at all possible don’t rush the decision and do think of the long term.


        I've submited my PIP about a month ago but got an email to say will be another 8 weeks. Joys.

        Im not ready to get a WAV but makes sense not to shell out if we are going to have to change it again in a short space of time.

        Thanks for both of your input, appreciate you taking the time


          From caring for my mum who also is not ready for a wav but has declined in her ability to walk and now uses a mobility scooter but can still transfer with one. The height of the seat is really important, if there is something to grab onto easily like a handle on the inside of the car door. For ease of putting the scooter in the back the lower the better as so not to have to life and largest boot space.

          try and put a seat next to a car and transfer and see how easy it is.


            I got a Peugeot Expert recently which is working out well.


              Hi! I'm new to this forum, but I saw your old post and wanted to offer some advice. Sorry to hear about your car getting written off, that's a real bummer. As for finding a new car, it's definitely important to think about space for a wheelchair if you might need it in the future. WAV vehicles can be a good option, but I totally get not wanting to freak out the kids just yet. In terms of car size, a Kadjar could work, but it really depends on how much space you need for the wheelchair. You might want to consider looking at some other SUVs or crossovers that have more cargo space.​


                Hi all,

                Does anyone have any advice on perhaps leasing or getting a car with a buy back option? My mum's illness is progressing fast, but we don't want her stuck at home. My mum has attendance allowance and is drawing her pension so we don't have the option of the mobility allowance I don't believe.