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Two Electric Wheelchairs?

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    Two Electric Wheelchairs?

    I know that there has been chat about the best wheelchairs out there.

    I know I have asked and been concerned about whether the wheelchairs reline enough and if one is able to strap ones torso in so it doesn't flop.

    Sat here again alone at the weekend thinking life is passing me by without me being able to access it.

    I live in a beautiful area.

    I have a dream of getting a WAV and then finding someone that will drive it so that I can then go on wheelchair adventures.

    I have seen many videos of the electric wheelchairs available and also having past experience of not having 4 wheel drive vehicles.

    From my eyes the big centre wheel driven chairs seem the most manoeuvrable? But the small wheel at the front would seem to cause issues going over obstacles.

    There a then a couple of four wheel drive machines with soft tyres which would seem ideal for going on an off road adventure.

    I know there is the expense and practicalities of storing two machines.

    What are others thoughts?

    Driving has been one of my great loves over the years and I am very lucky in what I have I know.

    What would your dream machines be (off road and in shop machines).

    Is there one even that does both perfectly?

    This Fact Sheet compares pros and cons of front, mid and rear wheeled drive power wheelchairs which might be helpful.
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      Ellie Thank you very much.

      I will take some time to read it now.


        Ellie What an amazing document.

        Thank you again for being the brain the powers us forward.

        You are the one that bind so many of us together with sense while we (I) make silly suggestions.

        Remember the brain burns a lot of calories. So keep them going in.


          Christopher I tried out an off-road powered wheelchair (Trekinetic) which was a lovely chair but so, so expensive. I do miss my outdoor pursuits, but couldn’t justify the spend.


            Just a thought but can they be hired?
            when i can think of something profound i will update this.


              Thank you Artie and denise

              Having the big bike type wheels on the Trekinetic must make it comfortable as well. Though the seat does seem to stop very low down the back.

              I do find that I need support all the way up my back.

              I will also investigate the hire option as then its a way of trying these things too.

              Thank you


                We wanted to hire the motorised version of the Trekinetic but sadly that’s not possible as an individual (I think I read somewhere that they will hire out to groups). There is a way of making the back higher by turning round the removable part of back rest, but it’s held in with velcro, although having said that, it’s not flimsy.


                  There's a mobility shop at Wroughton south of Swindon that sells new multi-terrain power chairs and accessories.
                  Popped in during the summer and the sales guy was professionally engaging and empathetic once he realised why I was looking, no pressure or obligation but was impressed with how they were with a sensitive attitude.

                  I should get my a**e in gear and get something secondhand off Ebay to rig up something to own spec, whilst I still can (work background was engineering and electronics etc.)

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                  Also Crohn's Disease from 2005ish. (Hi, I'm Dan in Cheshire)...