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    Lightweight wheelchair

    My husband is still fairly mobile, but the long walk from car park to clinic to see the dietician today was very tiring for him. The physio ordered a wheelchair but it’s too heavy for me to lift in and out of the car. This is the only type they will provide and the physio says we need to find a lighter one ourselves. Can anyone give me any advice about choosing one?

    How helpful of his physiotherapist Polly, not!!

    If you can't get one from another source, OT, hospice, Red Cross loan for example, and you need to buy one, search for Lightweight Transit /Transport wheelchairs.

    They are not self-propelled, aluminium are lighter than steel, footrests should swing away and be detachable for transfers, armrests should, at a minimum, swing up or away, again for transfers.

    They come in different seat widths so, if his cushion for the heavy chair is comfy, maybe get the same size of seat in the new chair.

    Remember, they are VAT exempt and you'd probably pick up a used chair for cheap enough.

    Good luck.

    Love Ellie.
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      Hi Polly,

      Sorry your physio has not been more helpful. I have a lightweight folding wheelchair which you are very welcome to. I was going to give it to the red cross but haven't got round to it. I'm not sure where you live, however so maybe the postage might be more than buying a new one. I think it cost around 100 pounds and I used it for hospital visits and trips out.

      I've stopped using it as the armrests dont swing away for transfers so you need to be able to get up forwards, although the footrests do. If you're interested I'll send you a picture .

      Love Debbie x


        Hi Debbie, I don’t want to sound ungrateful as the physio has been helpful in lots of other ways. That’s a very kind offer. We are in the West Midlands.


          HI Polly,

          You dont sound ungrateful at all, just very caring. I think the wheelchair services have rules about what they can provide, which is why we initially bought a lightweight one. You need to be able to manage equipment to make life easier.

          We live in Yorkshire but I will send you a photo, anyway. I will also have a word with my son who travels your way with his work.

          Love Debbie x


            Hi Debbie, yes, the physio said they will only provide this one. I would just have appreciated some guidance, rather than her saying go and try some out. He’s not up to it! I guess this wheelchair is intended for day to day use, so needs to be sturdier. I have a slightly dodgy back and shoulder, and I’m not intended to risk hurting myself! Where would that leave us! Thanks anyway. X


              Hi Polly;

              Sounds like your physio is now going to supply one. If not his OT should give you needed equipment because a damaged you would mean that a lot more expensive equipment would be needed.

              Thanks Debbie for the offer to help Polly, postage may well be expensive but sometimes "man with a van" can be cheaper or some member of the relevant Mnda branches can do it, you can only ask if needed.

              Love Terry
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