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    I'm not sure what happened there.. it was like watching a different team from last week.

    I'm also not sure it was worth the huge effort of being showered etc and ready for the day by 9 o clock to watch the rugby and have breakfast with the family. I've proved it can be done so no more excuses !! The celebratory prosecco can stay in the fridge !

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend
    Love Debbie x


      Yes, my pom-poms appear to be a rather deflated, after The Red Roses' somewhat wilted performance this morning.

      Arguably, a bunch of bad luck for England today - and their less than fresh performance seemed to stem from Sinckler wilting, after only 5 minutes from the start of the match.

      Perhaps if one of the prize roses in England's bunch hadn't wilted so quickly, then the end result might have been significantly less-prickly and far more fragrant for England?!

      But sadly for England fans, the Springboks sprung too far ahead to be caught and The Roses failed to rise to the occasion today.

      However, up until this morning, I have found that the overall bouquet of The Roses' performance has been First Class and very pleasing to be-hold.

      Many congratulations to England for achieving a very respectable 2nd place, in this World-class tournament! ... and the efforts and achievements of 'The Shamrocks', 'The Feathers' and 'The Thistles' should be Highly Commended too!

      Love Kayleigh

      P.S A well-deserved triumph for the Springboks today.

      P.P.S Despite their performance today, undoubtedly The Roses will rise again - with the strongest of stems and the thorniest of thorns, as well as the most robust and reddest of petals!! ...and so....

      ...I invite you to take a joyful and jaunty journey on the Soul Train with the MAC Band:-

      ... followed by a jolly and gentle bobbing-along with Bobby Vinton:-
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        it is a very good game to watch and it is very interesting