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    Originally posted by Kayleigh View Post
    Good choice Doug! I think Dame Helen Mirren would be at the top of my 'Top 10 Actresses who are Dames' list - and I think second place would go to Dame Judi Dench. Have you ever seen them in any movies or TV shows together? Here they both are, in one of their most famous comedy sketches (about their adventures!) .... LOL....
    Hi Doug,

    You probably won't be surprised to hear that Dame Helen has been in touch - to give me a 'Right-Royal-Ticking-Off'!!!! LOL

    When she clicked on the link I provided in my original post, she said that 'She Was Not Amused'!!! - apparently she was expecting to see a video-clip of when she co-starred with Dame Judi in a film production of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' (way back in 1968)!

    She also wanted to make it clear that "she would never associate herself with any of those unhealthy snacks mentioned in that bl**dy awful comedy sketch -and especially not those scampi nicker-nak thingies!!". LOL

    She went on to say that "to compliment her healthy diet, she has a strict beauty regime, which in her opinion everyone deserved to have." When I asked her "why?", she replied "If you watch all those L'Oréal adverts I'm in, you will know that it's "because you're worth it!"" LOL

    Anyway, I apologised to Dame Helen for not being able to find any clips of her and Dame Judi in that Shakespeare film (and, at the time, I thought that the comedy sketch would be a suitable alternative! LOL).

    To make amends, I promised to post a video-clip showing her Top 10 (at least!) best bits - and here they are, just for you Doug .... I hope you enjoy watching some of ....

    Dame Helen Mirren's Movie Moments:-

    Love Kayleigh x

    P.S I'd better say goodnight and sweet dreams to you now, otherwise I might miss out on the extra hour of sleep well are all supposed to get (LOL) - due to the clocks 'falling back' by one hour tonight!
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      Originally posted by ccinjersey View Post
      Hi Kayleigh
      I haven't seen Dolly Parton around for years now. Did you know she wrote the mega hit Whitney Houston song 'I Will Always Love You',

      I think the Kardashians have had been a big influence on why young girls are wanting plastic surgery in their 20's now, hoping to look like them. Even the young sisters have done all this plastic surgery transforming themselves to look like Kim! just nuts to me. I'm not a fan of the Kardashians particularly the mother, their reality show is the epitome of narcissism in my opinion.
      Hi CC,

      I think Dolly still has a huge number of fans in the UK ... and the crowd (of many age-groups) loved her when she performed 'Jolene' at The Glastonbury Music Festival in 2014.

      Dolly's performance is included in the following 'Glastonbury montage' (and it also includes 2 of my other favourite musicians - Ed Sheeran & Lionel Ritchie):-


      Unlike Kim K and Dolly, there is nothing false about me and there never has been! (OK - I admit to having false nails once, but I think they must have been too long! -as I got one trapped in a revolving door (owch! LOL) - and I decided to go back to the nail salon to have them all filed down! LOL

      I do like wearing make-up though (but I don't usually trowel it on as thickly as Dolly does! LOL).

      As well as being a fan of Dolly's singing (and song writing), I also appreciate her sense of humour (as well as her honesty!) LOL ....and 'Dolly Quote' number 9 is my favourite! ....


      Kayleigh x
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        Hi Kayleigh

        I like Dolly too, I liked her in the film Steel Magnolias, but I'm not a big country music fan. I do enjoy Faith Hill and Tim McGraw though. I love his song 'Humble and Kind' and I love their duet song 'I Need You' both just so pretty.

        Humble and Kind Tim McGraw with Lyrics - YouTube

        Not sure who's more fake Kim K or Dolly? I think my money would go on Kim though, for a young woman she does a lot of maintenance on herself. I'll always be baffled by the appeal of the Kardashions, but they got something people love they made a fortune off it too.


          Thank you to Christoff for starting this Top 10 Thread.

          I thought about compiling a list of 10 Classic British sitcoms (but decided to write a short story to include them in instead).

          But I got a bit carried away, so there might be a few more than 10 sitcoms! - and I've included a few American sitcoms in there as well ...

          A SITCOM SAGA ....

          In a genuine attempt to 'Love Thy Neighbour' (rather than just 'Keeping Up Appearances'), 'Terry and June' decided to invite their new neighbours, Mr and Mrs 'Steptoe and Son' and their lodger over for dinner.

          When they arrived, the Steptoes said 'Hi-de-hi!' and introduced themselves as 'Will and Grace' and their son 'Frasier'. Their lodger said 'Hello, I'm Alan Partridge!'. To which Terry replied 'Allo Allo', this is 'My Family' - my wife June and our son and his wife, 'Gavin and Stacey'.

          Over dinner, they found out they were all very much 'Birds of a Feather'. Both families weren't the average family of '2 point 4 children' and they all grew up in average homes that were '3 up, 2 down' - rather than being 'To The Manor Born' or living in a palace, like 'The Royale Family'.

          Furthermore, June and Grace were both 'Dinnerladies' and Terry and Will had both done 'Porridge' in the same Prison (but they both agree, now, that the best way to enjoy 'The Good Life' and to ensure plenty of 'Happy Days', is by 'Going Straight'!!).

          Everyone congratulated Terry and June for an 'Absolutely Fabulous' homemade meal, with all the 'Extras', including freshly baked 'Bread'! Although, when Gavin tasted the soup, he did proclaim 'It ain't half hot Mum!'.

          ... and a gift from the Steptoes (a bottle of 'Duty Free' Sherry) was a great 'Boon' to accompany Terry's terrifically tasty (but terribly un-tipsy!) trifle.

          Afterwards, they got a 'Taxi' to a bar called 'Cheers!' where they do a great half price deal on '2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps' (and 'Only Fools and Horses' would want to miss out on that great deal!).

          The barman, who was called 'Red Dwarf' (and was standing on a rather tall barstool LOL) asked 'Are you being Served?' - This is the Wine List, but I'm very 'Sorry!' if you wanted to order 'Last of the Summer Wine' - because it's already gone!

          Apparently, every last drop had been drunk by a group of squadies who had 'Outnumbered' all the other customers in the bar last night - furthermore, 'Red Dwarf' said that the squadies had all been from his 'Dad's Army'! LOL

          'The Vicar of Dibley' (whose first name is 'Miranda') was in the snug with 'Father Ted'. Supposedly, they are 'Just Good Friends'? LOL - but she has told me she always gets 'Butterflies' in her tummy when she sees Ted! - and, 'As Time Goes By', Ted can't think of a nicer person to spend time with, while 'Waiting For God'!

          And in Father Ted's opinion, why should only 'The Young Ones' have all the fun - and, indeed, he hasn't got 'One Foot in the Grave', quite yet! And taking a 'Big Break' sometimes should be no 'Big Deal', as he was usually a 'Yes Minister!' man, who was always 'In The Thick of It' with church matters, including fundraising to fix all of his churches many 'Fawlty Towers'!

          Propping up the bar were 'Citizen Smith' and 'Citizen Khan'. They were good 'Friends' and the lodger (Alan Partridge) recognised them from 'The Office' where he worked.

          Alan said that Smith & Khan had earned the nickname of 'The Likely Lads' - and, after a few drinks, it wasn't unusual for them to be 'Men Behaving Badly'. LOL Oh dear, 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em!', don't they? LOL

          Also at the bar was a group of very friendly lads, who said they were all 'Mrs Brown's Boys' from Ireland. LOL

          The bar was 'Open All Hours'. However, after a few drinks both families decided that, although it's nice to not be 'Not Going Out' sometimes, it was time for them to leave and get 'On the Buses' because 'There's No Place Like Home'. LOL

          ..... and on the bus journey home, they chatted to a couple called 'George and Mildred'.

          I don't think its all 'Happy Days' for 'George and Mildred' though! ... because I heard George saying to Mildred "Don't you ever stop being such an 'Upstart Crow'?" - to which she replied, 'Only When I Laugh!!' LOL

          Mildred then told George to stop saying 'Gimme Gimme Gimme!', every time he wants something because it is very rude! ... and if he didn't start saying please, she would 'Drop The Dead Donkey' on his 'Bottom'!

          To which George replied, you must have 'Bewitched' me into marrying you! - and when I am asleep 'I dream of Jeannie' but really, I have to admit, 'I Love Lucy'! the most! LOL

          .. and in case you were wondering
          - Mildred recently acquired a deceased donkey from her local zoo - and she also bought a pet snake (a 'Blackadder') from there too! LOL

          Hopefully the snake won't escape though - because it could easily get lost in their garden which is very overgrown, with all the weeds and 'The Green Green Grass'! LOL

          'Goodnight Sweetheart' -everyone!!

          Kayleigh x
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            Wonderful Kayleigh although I’m not sure CC will understand all the British sitcom references. You certainly have a talent with words.

            Love ,
            I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


              Thanks Barry. Did I miss any sitcoms out you like?

              I've just remembered 'Boon' and 'Duty Free' and so added in another sentence to incorporate those.

              I don't know many American sitcoms but hopefully CC will recognise the ones I included, even if the British ones are not so familiar.

              I hope you are feeling better today Barry,

              Kayleigh x
              P.S Also added 'Friends, Happy Days, Upstart Crow, The Royale Family and Only When I Laugh.

              PPS Still trying to work out how to incorporate Blackadder and Drop the Dead Donkey! LOL
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                You would be right Barry, I'm not familiar with your sitcoms.

                Don't recall them being shown on network or cable TV. We do have The Crown on Netflix, and Downtown Abbey.

                Of course I know Friends and Happy Days both show are still being shown in repeats on cable networks that show very old sitcoms...All In the Family, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie...all still running on cable, my hubby still dreams of Jeannie I think she was his first love



                  Hi Barry,
                  Plus I have now added 'Gimme Gimme Gimme', 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave Em', 'Mrs Brown's Boys' and 'The Green Green Grass' and 'Bottom'.

                  Also a paragraph near the end now includes Blackadder and Drop the Dead Donkey!

                  I don't know if I have missed many classic sitcoms out - but I don't think the SITCOM SAGA has got many situations vacant left in it, even if I have LOL!

                  Kayleigh x
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                    Hi CC,

                    I remember watching Bewitched and have also heard of I Dream of Jeannie (and one which I think is very old?? - called I Love Lucy).

                    I have added a sentence into the 'SITCOM SAGA' with all three.

                    Love Kayleigh x


                      LOL You wrote that in very well Kayleigh

                      Yes 'I Love Lucy' a very old classic here also still being shown in reruns. Don't know if I Dream of Jeannie was in your country, but a lot of American men dreamed of Jeannie, I think it was her 'assets' in her genie costume lol Barbara Eden played the role a very beautiful woman too.



                        Maybe it’s an age thing but I am missing the humour in most current sitcoms and it is a similar situation when it comes to music. I feel with music the current trend is to appear on a “talent” show and become an instant star. In previous decades musicians and songwriters had to hone their craft in the clubs.

                        I find myself appreciating the music and singers my father followed when I was a younger man although I go to concerts featuring Stereophonics, The Script and Snow Patrol. In my youth I was a Mod with clothes to match the fashion so one of my favourite bands was The Who and I am looking forward to seeing them in April next year, albeit they are only two thirds of the group they were.

                        Speaking of bands I wish everyone Happy Mondays.

                        I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


                          Thanks Barry.

                          Usually 'I don’t like Mondays' and 'Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down!'

                          In fact, if days of the week were gifts, I ask where I could exchange today for a Tuesday - as Tuesday is the furthest day away from Monday!

                          But after your wishes for 'Happy Mondays', thankfully there will be no more Mondayne or 'Blue Mondays' for me!LOL

                          Love Kayleigh x

                          P.S. ...

                          My brother always puts a clean pair of socks on, each day of the week. The trouble is that, by Friday, it is impossible for him to get his shoes on! LOL


                            Hi Barry

                            I'm on the same page with you. I don't watch or know many of today's sitcoms, or who the actors are in them, and don't find the humor funny.

                            Same goes for the music of today much too 'pop culture' for me. There are a few stand out artists, but not many. I'm staying stuck in the 70's music because to me it really was the best. Many of the artists wrote their own music, lyrics and sung them! very real talent in my book.

                            I prefer the Classics. The Eagles are going on tour in 2020. Glenn Frey is gone but I think his son is singing in his place now. They will be at Madison Square Garden hoping to get tickets might be sold out already though...I guess I'm not the only one stuck in the 70's

                            Well Happy Monday, Monday can't trust that day...groovy Tuesday, not so far away

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                              Originally posted by Barry52 View Post
                              Maybe it’s an age thing but I am missing the humour in most current sitcoms....
                              I think you're probably right Barry or it could be 'a sign of the times'?

                              Would the 20 or 30 year old us now find the slapstick of Frank Spencer funny?

                              The timelessness of Only Fools and Horses shows its brillance - my kids find it funny, unlike most of the old sitcoms, including Fawlty Towers....

                              The Big Bang Theory is a current one we all enjoy watching.

                              Hope you're not too sore today.

                              Love Ellie.
                              ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
                              Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


                                The SITCOM SAGA continues....because....

                                'Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?'...

                                Within a 'Hancock's Half Hour' of 'Red Dwarf' closing the bar, 'The Likely Lads' had joined the 'League of Gentlemen' and emigrated to the USA to work for 'The Golden Girls' as their toy boys. Needless to say, their girlfriends 'The Liver Birds' were fuming!

                                Soon after touching down in the USA, the Lads decided to look for a caff (and the closest they could find to a cafe was a Diner).

                                Their order was taken by a florally-fragrant waitress called 'Roseanne'. She always had a beaming smile on her face (all the waiting staff here always seem to be so happy!! - don't they ever get the hump, or have a mingin' day???). LOL

                                The food was very satisfying (and no scrimping on portion sizes either!). But, somewhat confusingly, when they asked for 2 side orders of chips to go with their burgers, they ended up with 2 packets of crisps! And on the menu, they saw peanut butter & jelly sandwiches - shouldn't that be peanut butter & jam?? What's that all about?

                                .... and just a thought - I wonder what would be served if they asked for, one of my childhood favourites, a dippy egg with soldiers? LOL

                                But what a refreshing change for the orange juice to always be freshly squeezed - and unlimited free refills of freshly filtered coffee (how extremely generous!).

                                However, when they asked for some biscuits to go with their coffee, they were presented with a plate of scones (best to ask for cookies next time Lads! - and french fries with the burgers. Also, if you want jelly & ice-cream, remember to order jello - or you might get ice-cream served with jam??!).

                                There was further confusion when the Lads requested 'The Bill'! Roseanne (rather rosily cheeked) asked, did they mean the John? or perhaps the Restroom?. They hastily (and rather cheekily) replied - no, we don't want to have a lie-down with you Roseanne, we'd just like to pay, please!

                                They paid by credit card but left a tip for Roseanne in cash. Roseanne thanked them with extreme enthusiasm and said have a nice day (what a pleasant change from the usual "thanks, bye" or even just "laters", after paying a bill in the UK. LOL ). But perhaps with all dollar notes being green, the Lads should have double checked that their tip wasn't more generous than they intended! LOL

                                The Likely Lads were finding that the Sunshine State was 'A Different World' already!!

                                On arrival at The Golden Girls' apartment, the Lads gave them a plant and some chocolates they'd purchased at the local Kwik-E-Mart. Unfortunately their choice of Reece's chocolates wasn't popular (but does anyone really like chocolate filled with peanut butter???).

                                ... and, admittedly, the Lads had wondered why the salesman at the store had looked so amused when they asked for a gift-wrapped eggplant!! The Lads thought that a plant that grew eggs would be such an unusual and impressive gift! - but The Golden Girls were far from impressed when they unwrapped an aubergine!! LOL

                                Their gifts were as welcome as 'Rising Damp!'. To make matters worse, music was blaring out from the apartment above - 'Mork and Mindy' and their son 'Metal Mickey' were playing heavy-metal music again! (No, not everyone's first choice of name for their child but, 'Diff'rent Strokes' for different folks, I suppose!). They weren't popular and their neighbor 'Ally McBeal' had even threatened to sue them!

                                But 'Everyone Loves Raymond', who is the janitor. He is a 'Family Guy' who is 'Married with Children'. They are not particularly a 'Modern Family' but 'Family Ties' are very important to him and his wife 'Rhoda'. Their youngest child is 'Ellen' and 'Sykes' is the oldest, with 'Malcolm in the Middle'.

                                'The Fresh Prince of Belair' arrived with one of the freshest and most regal offers The Golden Girls had ever heard. An unlimited supply of their favourite luxury chocolates, ownership of all the freshest plants in his coffee plantation and unlimited access to his royal penthouse suite in Belair - In return for them granting him an exclusive contract as their toy boy!

                                The Likely Lads realised that the probability of them being able to usurp the Fresh Prince was highly unlikely.

                                So they decided to go to the Big Apple. Their 'Big Bang Theory' was that finding the 'The Wonder Years' (that they'd never had) would be more likely there - and The Likely Lads were also secretly hoping that 'Sex and the City' would be highly likely for them too! (no surprise there!) LOL

                                Love to everyone,
                                Kayleigh x

                                P.S Most of them are American comedies but 8 of them are British comedies (and there is 1 British drama series thrown into the mix as well)
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