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Remembering 9/11 in US today

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    Remembering 9/11 in US today

    Hello My Forum Friends

    You know I've had some stories to share, only fitting I share this one with you on this day.

    It really is hard to believe it's been 12 years now, and in some ways it still seems like it happened yesterday. It also seems with every passing year now this day is slowly becoming just another horrific tragic event for the history books. Over the years there have always been signs around towns, countless memorials, plaques, clothing, even cars with bumper stickers, all with images of the World Trade Center on them, along with the words “Never Forget”. It seems as if those words have almost become a slogan for 9/11. I think for those whose lives were forever changed and affected, don’t believe they ever can or will forget.

    My neighboring town called Middletown, took a hard hit that day, and lost 37 residents, the worst toll of any town. Can clearly remember the outpouring of brotherly love we all shared for one another. For a while we were no longer a country divided by politics, religion, or race, we became just one race, the human race. It was almost impossible to find a home that didn't have an American flag hanging on it in solidarity.

    A group of women volunteered to cook dinner each night for a man in town who lost his wife, and her body was still not found. He had 2 children, boy/girl twins (just like I did) only his children were younger, only 3 years old. He was a stranger to us, but we all took a turn. When it was my turn to bring over my dinner, I will never, ever for the rest of my life forget the look on his face and the words he spoke. Overwhelming grief, and also so much gratitude, for something as simple as dinner. I remember looking over at his two children playing on the floor in childhood innocence, seemingly blessed to me, to not be able to fully understand the magnitude of their loss. That moment taught me something, that the simple act of stranger kindness could really mean so much, to the giver and the receiver. My own Mom's always preaching words had never before hit home harder to me, 'but for the grace of god go I'

    This day always seems to trigger very emotional, and terribly frightening memories for me personally, and much worse for my husband. I can remember waiting panic stricken for hours, and hours wondering if I had instantly become a widow that morning, even worse my young children fatherless. I remember my most beloved friend immediately appearing by my side before I even had a chance to call her name. I also vividly remember having a moment of sheer numbing frozen terror, horror, and disbelief watching those Towers actually fall, and thinking what an unimaginable, inconceivable end for my husband. I recall my friend's repeated, reassuring comforting words "He will come home". Fortunately, but for the grace of God, or fate, or just plain luck, whatever you want to call it, my husband did make it out.

    Today in the US we are remembering, and honoring once again, the loss of all those who didn’t make it out, and their loved ones who experienced those same emotions, but tragically for them it became their reality. For the 3000 lives lost can only hope that their souls have been at peace, and are in a better place. For the families left behind, also hope that time has helped them to have found some form of peace of mind to carry on.

    Tonight when it gets dark, we will drive over to the next town to the beachfront. There is a boardwalk there that faces the City. Across the river you can see the high powered beams of light that go high up into the dark sky every year on this day, in the spot were the Towers once stood. It’s a very relevant sight to see. Every anniversary people come from different towns to look at it. These powerful beams of light seems to evoke the same emotions in all of us because there is always a collective quiet, a respectful remembering silence, as we all stare out over the river.

    For me personally, I always try to focus on, and be grateful for what wasn’t lost…more time together as a family… I believe all of us here really do know the meaning of that, and what a precious gift it really is.

    Much love

    Almost got the picture! but you can view from here.
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    HI CC,

    We will never forget this day , I know for sure because it is etched in my memories along with all sane folk ,who still find no reason for what happened ,Give by best wishes to your Husband and family along with a boat load of hugs from me.



      I echo what Pete says, Cc;
      Most people here know where they were when this horrific act was done. I can't imagine what it was like for you during that time. It was and is a very emotional time.
      Love and peace, Terry
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        Hi cc,

        Thank you for sharing the pictures of the tribute to those who tragically lost their lives and to
        those who still carry the painful memories.Big hugs from me to all your family.

        Roy xxxxx


          Today I knew we could depend on some eloquent words from you CC. Like many others I too remember where I was when I was told and those harrowing tv pictures we have seen so many times since that day are forever etched in my memory.


            Hey there our cc,

            Thank you for sharing the Tribute of Light. When you stand tonight watching the light overcome the darkness know that in spirit I am standing with you.

            Strength and love, f xx


              Oh CC as usual your words hit our hearts, we will never forget as the others say, our hearts are with you today as we remember the innocent lives lost so cruelly.
              I'm sending you an extra large amount of kisses tonight, although I can only attach so many, multiply each one by 10
              with love


                Hi CC,

                Very eloquent and emotive. I know it seems wrong but an entry in the grateful thread for Tony's escape would be appropriate. The waiting must have been agonising for you .
                Take care and cherish your evening together.



                  Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, and for all those special forum hugs that we all can use any time, any day! Lol

                  Agree with you all, a day the world will never forget.

                  Yes John, agonizing would be the appropriate word. What I agonized over most was how and what would I say to my young children at that time, when I had to pick them up from school at 3pm and still no word of their Dad. Fortunately again, I was blessed,and spared that conversation, and so were they. I received a phone call at 2:45 pm minutes before I had to pick them up, that my husband was alive, injured by alive! Indeed, something else to be ’grateful’ about.



                    I was working for Black Millwork from Allendale, New Jersey at the time and I still keep the lapel badge in remembrance of this terrible shocking day.


                      None of us will forget it. It still seems like a film for me and I can't comprehend it really. I know other hear had first hand experience so it must have been real.

                      TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

                      It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

                      Please post on old threads that are of use so that others see them and feel free to start new subjects and threads.


                        Aww Thank You for remembering the US today Terry.

                        Always a difficult day here for many, and worse for others, even fourteen years later. Fortunately time is a great helper, and life goes on, and forward as it should and must

                        On a personal note my family and I will never be able to forget, and grateful to remember what was not lost.

                        Peace on earth my dear friend



                          Thinking of you today CC, can't believe 14 years have passed since that terrible day.

                          Best wishes, Dave..
                          "Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers!" Homer Simpson


                            Thank you Dave. Yes hard to believe that long, and in some ways like yesterday.

                            Hope all is well
                            CC xox


                              Nice to "talk" to you in a text today. I remember where I was that day. I was working at a Dr's office at the time. I was on the phone making appointments and we all called our loved ones because we didn't know what hit us. All my family was safe. For a while the phone lines were tied up and we couldn't get through.

                              We will never forget.

                              Love, Lynne