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    I'm responding here Dude as to not confuse the thread.

    To close indeed in Iowa.

    Hilary did good, Bernie hot on her heels....

    My daughters friends are out campaigning for Bernie. They drag my daughter with them, my daughter has no interest in politics, and clueless to it all, she only goes to meet cute guys...she gets all dressed up like she's going out just cracks me up....


    Hi CC

    Isn't your system of elections really protracted? I am no expert but are they just deciding who is going to be the candidates for the Democrats and Republicans?? And then they actually elect in November?? Forgive my knowledge of American politics is very scant!!

    Is it the most electable or the one with the most money??

    I have seen some over here, is Donald Trump really that bad?? Did he actually have Sarah Palin supporting him (I thought she was locked up)

    Hilary Clinton is running isn't she? Wasn't her Husband President??

    Who do you think will win??


      As much as I love Bernie I hope Clinton wins. A Sanders win could open the door for Trump/Cruz.

      The Republicans shouldn't see power for decades if the Democrats choose their candidates properly. The GOP have aligned themselves too far to the right.


        I hope Hillary becomes president as we'll get 2 for 1 with Bill's experience. It's now the turn of a woman.


          Yes the presidential election will be in Nov. 2016. Now is just the time of debates, caucuses, primaries etc.. to see who will go forth as the presidential nominee in each party.

          Trump has been the front runner in Republican Party. Hilary and Bernie are very close in the polls in the Democratic Party.

          I don’t understand the things coming out of Trump’s mouth, and how he has been getting away with it, but he has his growing supporters. He is a billionaire, reality TV star, a rough and tough talking New Yorker, unapologetic for all his insults, he’s trashed Obama for the past eight years in any way he could, and now he wants the White House.

          Yes I would agree that the GOP views are out of touch with the reality of this country.

          I love Bernie as well. His message is ‘equality’ for all in education, healthcare, economy etc, I think that is why the young voters love him.

          I think Hilary is the best woman for the job, and I hope she wins.

          I have been telling Terry for years women should run the world…hopefully now one will

          Peace on earth xoxo


          • Hi CC,

            I felt truly sorry for Mr Trump having to admit defeat. He seemed broken and took it badly. When certain people set their goals too high, they crash land. I hope that there is a happy ending.





              He could do with a dose of humility Graham.

              Can only hope there will be plenty more defeats ahead, he is not out of the running yet. We will see what happens in New Hampshire…prediction is Bernie for the Democrats.


                Bernie won New Hampshire as it was predicted. Trump won on Republican party...Ugh

                Still plenty of time to go....


                  Trump & Bernie both won by quite a good margin CC. Go Bernie Go. Dude x


                  • Trump has a resounding victory in New Hampshire and any humility that he showed in Iowa is history.

                    The 'all-knowing' BBC reports that the population of New Hampshire are well educated. Maybe I am misunderstanding what Trump stands for.

                    Trump wants to ban all Muslims from entering the USA. Why does nobody ask what he is going to do about all those that are already in the USA?


                      I don’t think you’re misunderstanding what he is all about at all Graham, but I think a lot of other people are. He is what he is, and showing it to the world. He is playing into people’s fears instead of hope, and many are buying into his rhetoric…

                      Trump is extremely wealthy, and lives a lifestyle most can only dream about. If what’s left of the middle class in this country really believe he understands their plight, and will make changes that will benefit them I believe they are sadly mistaken. I think if he gets the White House he will ensure the rich get richer, the poor stay poor…and will lead us into wars with his big obnoxious mouth, and bad attitude. He might even cause a civil war right at home with his endless prejudices.

                      I don’t see anything more to him then that….I cannot find leadership qualities, I hope the majority of this country can’t either come November. To me he is already a shameful embarrassment to this country that he has gotten this far.

                      Bernie or Hilary have to come through big time…or I’m really getting my Villa in Tuscany



                        I agree CC the man's dangerous. Ann


                          Funny stuff

                 Time With Bill Maher: (New Rule) -Donald Trump is suing comedian Bill Maher after he proved to Maher that he was not...


                            Thank you CC for posting this. I laughed till I cried and I could watch Bill Maher for hours. So funny.

                            Barry xx
                            I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


                              Had me rolling too Barry. I’ve been enjoying the orangutan feud between these two from the beginning of it, not nice…but oh sooo funny! Lmao xox