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    We just pray that someone takes over and trump go's, Cc.

    Boris and Trump will get along well, and probably not for the best for mankind or especially womankind.

    Although I could see that trade would increase dramatically between our two countries.

    Love Terry
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      H Terry

      Yes aware of your Boris Johnson, his reputation proceeds him. Would really hate to see this guy become your Prime Minister.

      Indeed he would get along great with Trump. This would really be more troubling times for both our countries.

      A lot of candidates were up on the stage for our first Democratic debate. Many won't be around for long I really hope Kamala Harris can go the distance and knock Trump out, and I would love to watch her do it even more.

      Trump may win again a very disturbing, and frightening reality, especially if the Russians have a say again.



        Hi there

        Originally posted by ccinjersey View Post
        aware of your Boris Johnson, his reputation proceeds him. Would really hate to see this guy become your Prime Minister
        Can I 2nd that - so will I, but I am afraid, given it is the hundred and odd thousand Conservative party members who are selecting the Prime Minister because of the way our system works it seems a real possibility that he will make it.

        And yes, I agree, having Trump for a 2nd term would be awful , but of course he is a much better campaigner than he is president - an example of what is known in the UK as Buggins's turn.....


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          Hi Andy

          I hope your Boris Johnson does not come into power, and our Trump will lose his in 2020 neither man deserves a leadership role on the world stage.

          I think Trump is a better con man than he is a campaigner. He really pulled the wool over the eyes of so just boggles my mind how gullible people can be ????



            Did anyone watch the second Democratic Debates?.....Oh we in big trouble

            I'm already trying to prepare myself for Trump's second term....oooh the pain

            July Democratic Debates - Night Two | The Daily Show - YouTube

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              I haven't watched it yet CC, but there is a saying over here:-
              "It ain't over until the fat lady sings"
              or, in the words of Lenny Kravitz "It ain't over 'till its over".

              I think the sayings can apply very well to the frequently unpredictable world of politics eg many people were extremely surprised that Trump got elected the first time and many people did not expect BREXIT to be voted for (apparently the opinion polls predicted very different results!).

              Love Kayleigh x
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                True Kayleigh, and I hope you’re right.

                From what we saw at the Debates it doesn’t look hopeful though. Joe Biden was the big contender, but he just seems off his game, and fumbling a lot.

                The worst part of it all was all the candidates were too busy attacking one another when that’s not the game to play now. That strategy won’t work against Trump in my opinion, because this only gives him the ammunition he needs to fire it right back at them.

                As Democratic myself it was very frustrating and painful watching them. I think they are missing the bigger picture in the strategy they were using. They should not be attacking each other, but instead proving to the American people why they would be a better President than Trump.

                I still wonder and worry about Russians, no one here seems to talk about them and their role in this Trump nightmare, they not going away, and intend to keep their man in the White House.

                I don’t understand enough about the ramifications of your Brexit to comment, but it does seem to parallel a lot the instability in your country as Trump does in mine.