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    Big day tomorrow Gang its ‘Super Tuesday’ the day many States in certain areas will be voting. The candidates have a lot to gain, and a lot to lose.

    It can determine a lot about who will be going forward. The candidates that pick up the most delegates stand a good chance at getting nomination.

    I think Hilary is going to do well

    Trump can win big…as scary as that sounds…OMG

    Sticking with my prediction Hilary vs Trump…just hope the all the sane people don’t drink the water, and go vote.



      I so want Hilary to do well, I cannot entertain the idea of a President Trump! Did you know CC that 'trump' is a word some kids/parents use as a word to describe that they have just passed wind lol! About sums up Donald Trump perfectly


        Haha Good one Jan

        No, I didn’t know that…indeed though he is a lot of stinky hot air, and polluting up the place for sure!

        It will come down to two very different choices for the American people. Those that don’t like Hilary or want to see ‘the Clintons’ back in the White House, but don’t support Trump will have to judge, and decide on their only other alternative…a President Trump ????

        I can’t comprehend how we can go from a man like Obama to a man like Trump ??

        I think we will lose the respect of the world…but his growing amount of supporters it seems many would disagree with that.


          Good news, bad news Gang from Super Tuesday

          Good news first, Hilary won Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma,Tennessee,Texas,Virginia. She will more than likely get the nomination.

          The bad news, Mr, Obnoxious did well, he won; Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, He will more than likely get nomination

          Poor Bernie, not looking too good for him…

          Trump, and big mouth said he will easily beat Hilary, and says he will win New York.

          Really hope Hilary will know how to battle him…since no one else does.

          I can only have one conclusion in all this, Americans have lost their way, and lost their mind…????



            What worries me is that he (Trump) will have his finger on the Nuclear button, that aside how will he conduct foreign policy and how will he react if America comes under attack from terrorists again. He does not strike me as a considered person and such is his ego I don't expect that he will listen very carefully to advice. Still if he is nominated he will divide the Republican party which may be enough to secure victory for Hilary.



              So you can fool most of the people some of the time. God bless America.


                Another big super duper Tuesday here in US Gang. Many more States voting in primaries. Winner takes all.

                Lynne’s Ohio Governor Kasich needs to win Ohio in order to help stop Trump. Rubio needs to win Florida as well. If not Trump will be pretty much guaranteed the nomination, and more than likely will be going up against Hilary.

                Trump claims he will beat Hilary ‘easily’.

                More ugly violence at Trump rallies as he gains more support.

                God help, and God bless America indeed.



                  The more violence against Trump, the more votes he gets CC. President Donald J. Trump. The UK wanted to ban him for being racist. How will that work. Dude x


                    Yes Dude its really is crazy what is going on here ????

                    It’s like a lynch mob mentality, and Trump condones it, and I believe insights it with his bully attitude. This guy has a very dark, negative undercurrent to him, and I still don’t understand why so many people are not seeing it ??? Energy does not lie.

                    The sane people are standing around with their mouths open, and scratching their heads in bewilderment.

                    I actually feel ashamed, and embarrassed and very concerned for this Nation when I watch him, and see so many cheering, and supporting him. I don’t understand…. ???

                    When it comes down to the Presidential election in November between Hilary and Trump (which I’m afraid it will) the winner will be decided by who has more haters. Trump is dividing the country already.





                        Very profound and very true Dude. Your country is seeing things clearly, I don't know why mine is not ??

                        Bill Maher Translate Hitler Speech & It Sound Like Donald ...


                          Hi CC

                          I was amazed a few years ago when Bill Clinton was coming to the end of his Presidency, I thought Al Gore, who seemed a very decent man with great policies, was a certainty to become the next President. I couldn't believe it when George W. Bush ended up winning the race albeit by a very small margin!!

                          Suppose you can never second guess the voting public.

                          "Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery numbers!" Homer Simpson


                            Hi Dave

                            Yes remember that election well, and Florida lol. Definitely liked Al Gore over our other choice.

                            George W Bush who sat in the school chair trying to figure out what to do for seven minutes while the country was under the worst attack in history on US soil on 9/11.

                            Can Trump be worse than him ? The answer is a frightening Yes in my opinion.

                            Hilary did well on super duper Tuesday as did Trump. Lynne’s Ohio Governor won his State, thank goodness! Rubio couldn’t win his own, not really a surprise there, Trump knocked him out, and got Florida. Bernie is struggling against Hilary, maybe she will pick him as her Vice President many would like to see that, but highly unlikely.

                            If Hilary becomes our President Bill Clinton will be our First Lady LOL



                              Hi CC,

                              I think Bill has had too many ladies to be first lol.

                              Barry x
                              I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


                                LOL Oh that’s a good one Barry