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Quiz Week 17

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  • richard
    Maybe 12. Got to keep my thinking hat on🤨

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  • Bowler
    started a topic Quiz Week 17

    Quiz Week 17

    A bit of Pot Luck this. Hopefully we know a few more than last week.

    Answers on Friday

    1. Which ship famously sank off the Portsmouth coast in 1545
    2. In which country was Russell Crowe born
    3. What was the name of the first “talkie” film released in 1927
    4. What modern measurement of length is equivalent to just over a yard
    5. The city of Hull lies on which estuary
    6. What term describes lines lying in the same plane and not intersecting
    7. What is the French term for the South of France
    8. The Gurkhas hail from which mountainous Asian country
    9. What is the collective noun for a group of owls
    10. Of which European country is The Hague the seat of government
    11. Which group had a hit in 1992 with November Rain
    12. Which author created the character of Tom Sawyer
    13. What name is given to a female horse
    14. In which city is Central Park
    15. Who was the god of war in Roman mythology
    16. What is the common name of a tiny piece of silicon used in circuits
    17. Who was the lead singer with The Jam
    18. Of which country is Budapest the capital
    19. Which salad is made from tuna, French beans, olives and eggs
    20. Which screen legend starred in the film The Seven Year Itch