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Quiz Week 24

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    Quiz Week 24

    This weeks theme is transport.

    Answers on Friday as usual

    1. What type of bicycle is designed for two riders

    2. Which car manufacturer has a rampant horse for its logo

    3. In the tyre pressure measure PSI, what does the “I” stand for

    4. Which group had a hit with Car Wash in 1976

    5. What term is given to the cheapest accommodation on a ship

    6. Which liquid is put in car batteries

    7. Gondolas are associated with which city

    8. Which classic car caper film was remade in 2003

    9. Who wrote the novel Trainspotting

    10. What is the French term applied to a two-door car with a slopping roof

    11. Who directed the 1951 thriller Strangers on a Train

    12. How many horses pull a troika

    13. Which US city has the only cable car system to still be operated manually

    14. Who was the Scottish inventor of the pneumatic bicycle tyre

    15. What three-masted ship was used by Spanish and Portuguese traders in the 15th & 16th centuries

    16. Which company launched a rocket with a car attached to it in February 2018

    17. Who wrote the novel Three Men in a Boat

    18. On which famous train did Dame Agatha Christie set one of her novels

    19. Which small car was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis

    20. Queen released Bicycle Race as a double A-Side single with which other song.

    It's Monday already 🤔


      9. Oh dear. Not looking good. 😲


        can i just say in the US a cable car is our version of a tram.


          That’s a tough one Denise only got 11 maybe 12 🥴
          Janette x


            I know janette it's a right stinker. I don't know what goes in the battery. Thought cheapest accommodation on a ship would be sleeping on the deck. 😂


              Originally posted by denise View Post
              I know janette it's a right stinker. I don't know what goes in the battery. Thought cheapest accommodation on a ship would be sleeping on the deck. 😂
              Think titanic


                Bottom of the sea 🤔 in the hold? Tied to the anchor?


                  Managed 12 😀x
                  Bulbar started Jan 2020. Mute and 100% tube fed but mobile and undefeated. Stay Strong 🤗😘🤗😁xx


                    We think 16 but I hold my hands up.. it was mainly Stuart. I just knew the music and films. Titanic was a big , Phil cluesy x


                      17 and one guess for me Phil. Nice one as I love transport.
                      I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


                        I think it's 15 for me this week - much as I like transport, my poor music knowledge clearly shows 🙄 (unless it's Take That, Robbie, Simple Minds, R.E.M. ...)
                        ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Spinal (hand) Onset.
                        Eye gaze user - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.


                          Denise I think I'm with you at 9 and a guess or two

                          Last edited by richard; 18 May 2021, 10:53.



                            1. Tandem

                            2. Ferrari

                            3. Inch

                            4. Rose Royce

                            5. Steerage

                            6. Distilled Water

                            7. Venice

                            8. The Italian Job

                            9. Irvine Welsh

                            10. Coupe

                            11. Sir Alfred Hitchcock

                            12. Three

                            13. San Francisco

                            14. John Dunlop

                            15. Galleon

                            16. SpaceX

                            17. Jerome K Jerome

                            18. The Orient Express

                            19. Mini

                            20. Fat Bottomed Girls


                              9. Not bad. 😭