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Another worrying symptom

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    Another worrying symptom

    Things are going downhill pretty fast. Have for a while noticed issues with my swallowing, things getting stuck, but no issues with fluids. A newer development is a tingling sensation in the tongue. I looked in the mirror, pulled my tongue out and hey ho that thing is dancing around.

    I'm beyond petrified by this point. When has a tongue that twitches so much br benign? Furthermore, the lower jaw tremors constantly and the tonguenis scalloped.

    I'm in bits here

    Hii! I am so sorry that u are so worried. If i was u i had called the centre who will give u the results of your emg.. and then ask if you can get a appointment sooner because off increasing symptoms. I think that when u have the results you will be in more rest


      Good afternoon Gazap,

      I am really sorry to hear that you are struggling. I strongly advise that you speak to your GP or Neurologist about these symptoms, in order that they are looked into, and that you are given appropriate support.

      Kind regards,

      MND Connect Advisor
      MND Connect
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