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hair loss on legs ?

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  • Kayleigh
    Hello Timm,

    I had some temporary hair loss from my head - GP said it was caused by stress which was caused by the shock and upset of being diagnosed with MND. So, although not directly caused by MND, it was still MNDs fault that my hair started to fall out.

    Hair started to grow back again after a couple of months (but am still keeping my Dolly Parton wig on standby just in case some of my hair does another disappearing act!).

    My nails are much stronger than they used to be and so no need to use my set of falsies (nails!) like I used to. (Yes, I still have a full set of my own teeth).

    No hair turning up where it shouldn't for a lady, and so I won't be trying to compete with John (Jay Tee) or Terry in the next annual 'best Father Christmas beard' contest!

    Best wishes

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    Tim, luckily I had no hair loss on run up to Christmas. I grew my beard and the young grandkids liked me be Father Christmas.

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  • MNDConnect
    Hi Timm,
    Thank you for your forum post.
    Hair loss is not something that we would normally associate with MND. But it could possibly be as a result of friction from clothing, or even bedding.
    Kind regards

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  • Terry
    Hi Tim,

    Not heard of hair loss but quite often the opposite.

    Calves could be down to sitting a lot and having weight on them,

    Love Terry

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  • Timm
    started a topic hair loss on legs ?

    hair loss on legs ?

    is it common to loose hairs on legs or other extensions during this disease ?

    i loose hairs especially around ankles and back of my both legs ( calves )

    is that because of als or is it because of the motionlessness resulting from als?