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fasciculations, Muscle Atrophy and occasional cramp? But no weakness

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    fasciculations, Muscle Atrophy and occasional cramp? But no weakness

    Hi everyone, i am looking to see if anyone has had these symptoms before and it be diagnosed something else other that ALS as this does not seem very common amongst sufferers as I don’t have any weakness . 18 months ago started getting much thumping twitching in my legs, calfs and thighs then really bad cramp when i was at my desk during the day. eventually it spread all over my body but usually present in my legs especially after exercise. The cramp currently isn’t really present but the twitching in my legs is and sometimes other places ( worse after caffeine and exercise)

    i seen a Nero about 15 months ago and he done some reflex tests and check me over said nothing to worry about also done some blood tests they came back fine. Wasn’t bothered then and was happy i got the clear, but would have liked the news i had some sort of deficiency - to explain the muscle twitching or my muscles contracting by themselves!, i start getting pain in my palms of my hands and noticing the dents getting bigger and the muscle fibres disappearing on my fingers) left first then right) i also noticed my calf density and arch on my food having dents in too ( these are all placing i have experienced twitching) however i did loose some weight and used to drink excessively. i have now stopped drinking and looking after myself after the initial symptoms and starting appreciating life more! So my calf on the left leg has reduced in size and thinned out almost, my left foot is thinner ( i noticed cause my shoe laces even needed tightened more) ! but the big one for me is my hands especially h left one, it is clear muscle wastage which i showed my doc he said it could be anything from the excessive drinking to when i work out and do wrestling and taking lots of impact over the years from martial arts.

    I then seen another Neuro about 8 months ago and he said the same, I did have the muscle wastage in my hands although it wasn’t as bad as it is today. He said if he done the EMG it would tell me the same as he is telling me that I don’t have ALS. Which I am happy to hear ( should have just paid for it and done it) but what the heck do I have then! I have most symptoms except weakness and surely if the atrophy was ALS related there would be weakness. The only this is a few weeks ago I over exerted my self at training and my elbows tendons are really sore and I am unable to lift weights lying down as the pain is to much and not much strength there. My physio said that it may be tendonitis and my doc has sent me to an orthopaedic specialist.

    I have my arms that thinned out too and there are dents under my elbow joint meets the form arm and you can see my tendon’s again which is weird but I guess it is relative to the muscle wastage in the hands - the muscle is dissapearinmg from the palm of the hand mostly under my thunb where the muscle part is ... Then somtimes i get twitching in my tounge and i start analysign my tounge and seeing wastage - but i am probably just freaking myself out.

    I am just confused and looking for answers as it plays with my head, tbh when I first had the twitching after reading online I gave myself 6 months to live reading some of the posts online but thank God I am still here and God bless all the unfortunate people who have that horrible disease.

    I would like to upload some pics to see if anyone has heard of any other Nero muscle eating thing this could be! I have another Nero appointent which my Doc gave me for peice of mind!

    Any comments would be appreaicted

    Hi s786 and welcome to the forum;

    I haven't got many comments I'm afraid. It is a shame that your Nero did not find out what it is or what's causing it. They are similar to Mnd symptoms but it could be so many other things as well.

    Best wishes, Terry
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