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Bulbar onset

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  • MNDConnect
    Hello Elvisfan

    I apologise for our delay in responding to your question. Bulbar-onset ALS does tend to progress more quickly than limb-onset ALS, where the symptoms start in the limbs. People with bulbar-onset ALS tend to develop more chest infections due to their affected swallow and a weakened cough. They also tend to develop respiratory problems earlier than someone who's disease has started in their limbs.

    MND is a very individual disease and affects each person in a different way. People get different symptoms in different orders which progress at different rates.

    Best Wishes

    MND Connect Adviser

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  • Elvisfan
    started a topic Bulbar onset

    Bulbar onset

    for a year I has speech issues and trouble wth soft pallet. I was told was rhinitis post nasal drip. A year later my arms affected and I was told had MND and als
    most people seem to have limb onset
    does disease progress quicker wtH bulbar....?