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Ramadan / fasting?

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    Ramadan / fasting?

    Hi there, my father is Muslim and he seems to be fasting. Im quite worried about this as I worry it is a big strain on his body when he is already very unwell. Is there anything I can show him or research to show that it is a bad idea......that is if it is a bad idea? I am unsure but surely not eating for 18 hours per day cant be good for him?

    Many thanks

    Hi sisters, was there something in the news recently about fasting for ramadam and diabetes?
    At our doctors surgery ,we lucky enough to have professor khunti who specialises in diabetes. I have just checked on one of his sites, and there is a lot of information about fasting . Hope this helps. Lorret
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      Hi Sisters,

      There is a lot of information about diet on the main MNDA website and all the medical professionals will tell you that weight loss can be a major issue with MND as it is so difficult to regain weight. I understand the religious issues so it might be best to get a health professional like a dietitian to talk to your father.

      Best wishes,
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        Hi Sisters

        We've found this information about Ramadan which may be useful.

        "Those who are sick with incurable illness and expect no better health are also allowed not to fast but they must pay the fidyah, which is giving a day's meals for each fast missed to a needy person. Instead of food for one day one can also give equivalent amount of money to a needy person".

        Best Wishes

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          Hi there, I just noticed I did not reply, sorry was not being rude got distracted reading the article. Thank you for your help.


            Sisters To be 100% sure check with your Imam. Dude