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Help with travel to hospital appointments

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    Help with travel to hospital appointments

    Hi all,
    My Nan has an appointment at Barts hospital in London soon, but it's about a 30 mile drive. We can't get the train due to logistics and don't want to drive ourselves due to parking etc.
    So we're planning on getting a taxi each way but it'll be very expensive. Does anyone know of any travel assistance or funding that can help with trips like this?
    Thank you,


    Hi Katie

    I have a number of suggestions:-
    • contact your local MNDA branch for help. If you don’t know where they are contact the main office on this site
    • contact you Nans GP as they may have details of local support services
    • and finally contact the hospital they usually have a pick up service




      Since my diagnosis I have been given taxis by my Hospitals Trust. It is worth talking to them. 🙂x


        Hi Katie

        The Royal Voluntary Service runs a volunteer car scheme in many areas where a volunteer will pick someone up and drive them to their hospital appointments. You can find more information about this scheme on their website here https://www.royalvoluntaryservice.or...nity-transport

        We do have a Quality of Life grant which can be used to pay for taxis. You would need to complete one of our application forms and provide a written breakdown of the cost of the taxis. You can download an application form on our website here

        Best Wishes

        MND Connect Adviser

        MND Connect
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