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    Shoulder pain

    Hi all
    Want to start by saying thanks to anyone who reads.
    So I have been worrying about mnd for 10 months now because of muscle twitching, speech and more recently frozen shoulder.
    I saw a neurologist yesterday for a 2nd opinion, but forgot to mention my shoulder pain that has been going on about 10 weeks, I'm so annoyed that I forgot to mention it. My shoulder hurts when I move arm above my head or out to the side, and I'm thinking this is muscle weakness.
    The neurologist did all strength testing and looked at my arm muscles,would he have been able to pick anything up. I'm in such a state, I thought that after he said I was OK I would be relieved but I forgot to ask about this particular problem.
    How soon would I lose function in the shoulder, I can still use it and do everything, but I'm concerned it's early shoulder onset.

    Hi Doodles

    I believe we may have spoken on the telephone this morning. I am sorry that you still have concerns after our conversation.

    As we discussed, your neurologist has confirmed that you do not have motor neurone disease (MND). The symptoms that you are experiencing with your shoulder would not suggest that the neurologist would change his opinion and I believe that you are currently waiting to hear back from your neurologist about your concerns with your shoulder.

    Muscle weakness doesn't appear as pain. With MND, weakness is clinical weakness that can be measured upon examination by a clinician. Your neurologist carried out various tests and would have picked up on any clinical weakness.

    As we discussed this morning, it's very hard to try to get concerns about MND out of your head once you have them but you need to focus on what the neurologist has told you. In your words this morning, he gave you "the all clear". No one on the forum is qualified to give an accurate opinion on your symptoms and we discussed how using forums is probably increasing your concerns and anxiety.

    If talking it through again would help then please do give us a call on 0808 802 6262. We are here to support people who are concerned that they may have MND as well as people who have been diagnosed with MND.

    Best Wishes

    MND Connect Adviser
    MND Connect
    Contact us on 0808 802 6262 or at [email protected]


      Hello Doodles,

      That was a very nice response you got from Rachel and I hope reassuring . I can understand your anxiety, it is not something anyone wants to hear or worry about. I hope the response has helped you manage your concerns until you hear directly from your neurologist. Best Wishes, Lindy