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    Thank you for anyone who reads and responds. I have posted here before about ongoing bodywide twitching but yesterday and today it is isolated to the shoulder area and is constant.
    I have seen 4 neurologists since January, the last one being a few weeks ago and an mnd neurologist, who have not seen any reason for further testing. But this isolated twitch has me worrying, started yesterday and still here and it's all the time. I have read that focal twitching is related to mnd so that's why I am asking.
    I do have multiple sclerosis diagnosed 2018.
    My most recent clinical examination was fine by the mnd consultant, but this shoulder twitch wasn't happening then.
    Can soneone explain to me about twitching in mnd? I've read so many different things. That it's usually muscle weakness first, then atrophy and then twitching comes last.
    I don't have any muscle weakness that I am aware of but this constant focal twitching has me concerned.
    Thank you all

    Hi Doodles

    from what I have gained from this forum is that everyone is different and are at varied stages. I can only give you my experience. I was officially diagnosed in July with Bulbar ALS and at that stage I had twitching in my arms and lower legs. There was no muscle weakness or atrophy.
    I am sure others will reply with their experiences.
    Hope this helps.



      Hello Doodles
      I first had muscle cramps in my lower legs with constant twitches in my upper legs and cramps in my upper arms with twitches on my lower arms, I also had muscle weakness in my arms and legs at the same time...
      I have the ability to cope with this and I can still be the best person I can be. This is my life - if I am happy others around me are happy too


        Hi Doodles

        I'm sorry that the twitching is still concerning you. I think it's important for you to remember that you have seen 4 consultants since January. This is by far more than anyone would usually see. None of these consultants have any concerns about the symptoms that you are having and you need to try to focus on this. If you had symptoms of MND, at least one consultant would have picked up on this.

        Whilst the forum members can tell you about their experiences, they can't give a qualified opinion on your symptoms and as to whether they may be related to MND and it is not going to give you the answers that you seek or give you any reassurance.

        You need to listen to the consultants that you have seen and try not to worry about MND. I know that is far easier said than done.

        Best Wishes

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        • While I understand what the other contributors say, it is important to take responsibility for your own health. I too was diagnosed with PPMS for 2 years by expert neurologists until I suggested that MND was more likely. I would suggest asking for a whole genome test. In that way you may find the underlying cause of your condition. I suspect mechanisms that serve your axons are at fault BUT PLEASE NOTE I AM JUST A LAY-PERSON WHO IS PRETTY CLUELESS.

          The upshot remains that there is no effective treatment as yet.


            Hi Graham.
            I have I have a question for you how can diagnose you with ppms. Did the neurologist diagnose you with that via a MRI scan?
            God bless you


            • At that stage I was checking my symptoms with symptoms for PPMS on the Internet. Some fitted and others didn't Flowers. As the disease progressed the diagnostic tests, MRI scan, showed more clearly. Take care and God bless you.