Hello there, My name is reece and i'm currently having alot of problems with my health.

Back in april/may I started getting fasciculations all over my body and extremely fatigued. I went to my Gp who proceeded to do some blood work and refer me to a neurologist who i saw back in august. She ordered me an emg and after slowly progressing with more fasciculations and being more fatigued i decided to pay privately.

at this point i did not expect the emg to show anything and that i would just be given benign fasciculation syndrome however sadly this was not the case and they are now investigating myopathy and i have been referred back to the nhs to a specialist clinic.

now i know that myopathy is not ALS/MND however i have read over and over again that if fasciculations are occuring then its probably not myopathy. i'm extremely anxious which i know is not helping.