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    Hi CC,
    Deep inside I kind of new that, it was just something to cling on to, I guess there is no way out of this hell other than passing away with some other illness, at the moment the mental torture is worse than the physical pain, I hate to be negative but like most people it’s not the fear of dying it’s what we have to go through. I can’t get the dark thoughts out of my head and it’s a daily battle to try and find some solace, the drugs don’t work, the counselling don’t work so I understand how vulnerable people are to these false promises of miracle cures.

    Apologies for the depressing words.
    Best wishes, John


      Apologies that post came up twice, technology ain’t my strong point.


        No need to apologize John, the folks on this forum understand all you are experiencing, mentally, emotionally and physically.

        You will find a lot of support here even in your darkest hours with your thoughts there is always someone here to help, and listen.

        You may have many, many years ahead of you that you will still be up and about as other members on this forum are, I hope that to be for you as well.

        CC xox