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Arm pain and linear progression.

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    Arm pain and linear progression.


    Awaiting confirmation of mnd via emg in March.

    For the last 2 years ive had a very linear progression with mnd. Firstly weakness following by wastage. Its been slow, especially the first year. Everything works but my body looks very thin. However, since the start of this year ive got to a point where i seem to be accelerating. For the first 2 years all 4 limbs seemed to be of a similar weakness and wastage without any muscle failing. Limbs just felt heavy and weaker when i did anything.

    im now having alot of pain in my right arm. It started around the new year. I think the muscles have reached the point where they are no longer supporting my joints. So the joints, tendons and ligaments are now causing alot of pain and im struggling with my day to day living. This right arm has a noticibly thinner bicep than my left.

    im just surprised how quickly this has happened this year and worry that the other 3 limbs will now reach that tipping point fairly soon.

    Did this happen to anyone else? Even before they got their diagnosis? I literally got up one day and noticed that i was getting pain in my right shoulder and elbow when i moved them. Its not gone away since. My shoulder does feel better if i rest it on a chair back top so that its not taking the weight of my arm. My wrist even hurts wgen i twirl it around.

    At my last neuro exam in dec 2020, my neuro said i dont have any umn signs so its looking like pma. Pma is supposed to be slower so im surprised at its speed since christmas. He also said my arms felt strong when he did his clinical weakness testing (pushing and pulling against my limb muscles) so i dont get why this has all of a sudden just gone on me in a matter of weeks, after 2 years of slow decline.
    Neuro confirms absent reflexs in ankles and biceps and no umn signs seen.

    I know we are all different but i worry how long before my other arm goes the same.

    Im not strong enough to cope with this.
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    Hi Shepster

    I believe we may have spoken on the phone recently and discussed your symptoms at length. From our conversation, the symptoms and progression that you describe are not typical of motor neurone disease (MND).

    If you would like to discuss your concerns then please do give us a call on 0808 802 6262. Nobody on the forum is qualified to give opinions on symptoms and as to whether someone has MND and it's likely that it's just going to cause you more concern.

    Please do give us a call if you need to.

    Best Wishes

    MND Connect Adviser
    MND Connect
    Contact us on 0808 802 6262 or at [email protected]


      Hi Rachel

      Things have progressed quite a but since we last spoke. The pain i speak of isnt coming from the muscle atrophing, i believe its now from the elbow and shoulder joints not being held in place properly by the weak and wasted muscles. So when i try and pick something up my elbow and shoulder joints are taking all the strain causing pain. The brachialis that has completely atrophied helps to keep the elbow aligned as well as move it.

      we spoke about it mostly being one limb thats affected first. Is now clear its my right arm. Its much weaker than the left and i can see its distinctly more wasted. Since we spoke In the last month the right arm has changed so much. I do fear that my right grip will be next as my hand is aching more.

      Ive also noticed ive developed a distinct groove in my right shoulder muscle. Its where the two muscles of the front deltoid are wasting a differing times.

      To cap it all. Ive started with twitches in my legs. I know we said twitching does mean much but i now have every symptom of lmn signs that mnda mentions.

      I believe its slow progressing mnd. I think the emg in march will show this. My body is now very thin all over especially in my right arm which is now very bony especially around the elbow. I dont yet have umn signs but at the rate im now having muscle wasting that may change.

      I have weakness, atrophy in specific muscles, fascicilations. Just need the abnormal emg yo confirm mnd.

      Purely lmn signs is generally diagnosed as pma if im not mistaken. But nearly always changes to als later once umn signs appear.
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