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    Not willing to eat


    My mother has been diagnosed with MND few days back. We are based in India. She has been diagnosed with MND bulber onset. As of now all her muscles are working fine apart from tongue and throat. She has slurry speech and have some difficulty in swallowing. She can still eat by her own.

    Last two days we have observed that she doesn't feel any taste in her tongue and also does not have any interest to eat. She can still swallow food but however she says she doesn't feel like having any food. Last few days due to high fever she was having antibiotic. The course is over now. I am not sure if this is due to antibiotic effect.

    My question is, does MND have anything to do with willingness to eat ? If yes how can we treat this so that she can start eating. We are tensed if she is not eating then she would become more weak.

    Hi shuvamoy welcome to the forum;

    Mnd can affect the tastes and sometimes stop it working but this is not common. When she has a fever she probably won't feel like eating or even have trouble eating and swallowing. Make sure, if you can that she drinks plenty, over one and a half liters. Try to get her to have soups or things easier to take.

    When I am rough I can use my feeding tube is that takes any pressure off of eating or drinking. In extreme cases doctors can use a nose feeding tube or a IV for liquid and nutritionist.

    Best wishes, Terry
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      Hello Terry. Thank you so much for responding. I would definitely follow your suggestion.