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  • Ellie
    In plain English, an explanation is:

    Fasciculations are caused by the tips of nerves coming into contact with nearby muscles, sending an electrical signal which causes the muscle to twitch. We experience muscle twitching as the signal from the nerves to the muscles becomes more disrupted - MND is a disease affecting the nerves after all.

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  • nunhead_man
    Good afternoon Terry and Jane,

    Thank you both.

    So exactly what is going on is not known.

    I await further research!



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  • MNDConnect
    Dear Andy

    Thank you for your post

    You ask about why fasiculations occur. This is not exactly known.
    In MND it seems that they are caused by motor neurones that are dying and flicker randomly causing muscles to "twitch". They can also be caused by motor neurones being overexcited and firing in response, again causing flickering under the surface of the skin, or "twitching".
    In some cases the fasciculation are followed by a deterioration in muscle strength in the area where the fasciculations have occurred.
    Some people experience an increase in fasiculations when they are stressed.
    I do hope that this is helpful, but I think that you had already presumed most of this.
    It is good to know that your right arm is at the moment functioning normally.

    Please feel free to contact us by email o0r on our free phone number 0808 802 6262 from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm when we would be pleased to talk to you about anything related to MND.

    Best wishes.


    some cases the fasiculations are more pronounced when the person is stressed.

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  • Terry
    Hi Andy;

    I'm with you and think it's nerves trying to connect or getting confused and triggering muscles.

    I don't think that it is a good sign but it doesn't mean that you will soon lose that muscle.

    Love Terry

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  • nunhead_man
    started a topic Fasciculations


    I know that fasciculations are a "feature" of MND as set out here;

    But I wonder if any more is known about why they occur?

    My fantasy (meaning statement without any factual backup) is that this is the brain hunting for a connection to a muscle when the old connection does not exist?

    I understand there is some evidence of redundancy in neurological connections?

    Or is it an overexcited motor neurone twanging the muscle as a precursor to that motor neurone dying and the muscle ceasing to function?

    I ask, as you may imagine, as I saw some rather large fasciculations in my right arm this morning where I've only up to now have minor twitching in the bicep - my left arm is weak but my right arm has not been affected up to now and indeed seems to be operating normally at the moment.