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Wheel chair v Riser recliner

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    Thanks Lynne x


      Hi Lynne,

      I read (in a post on a different thread) that have ordered your new riser/recliner. I expect that you are really looking forward to it being delivered. I hope you are very pleased with it when it does arrive and that you find it very comfortable.

      I also read in that post about the possible issues with getting a WAV. Hopefully you will be able to get a WAV in the near future. Another option might be to ask your physio (if your physio provided it for you) if your powerchair could be swapped for an electric wheelchair that can be folded down and put in the back of your car. (You might get more use out of a foldable electric wheelchair than your powerchair.)

      I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
      Kayleigh x


        Originally posted by Lynne K View Post
        Hi Kayleigh. Thanks for asking. You are a star. I did hurt my wound when I fell but it's settled down quite a bit since. I think the wound has an infection because it's red and stings so I photographed it and sent it to the nurse who visited me today. She looked in a rush and didn't see it but told me to send her a photo. About the rise and power recliners chair: my OT said that she couldn't open the attachment that I'd sent her (containing the quote) because of the Council's security settings. She asked me to send it again as a PDF. I'm going to do that shortly. I'm looking forward to getting a comfy chair but I expect that it will take a month or two to sort out. Lynne x
        Hi Lynne K, Thanks for the comment. Would you please tell me, How much the price of that chair? Regards