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Wheel chair v Riser recliner

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  • MNDConnect
    Hi davidr

    As Ellie mentions, your wife's comfort is the most important thing. If the riser-recliner armchair is uncomfortable, her occupational therapist needs to carry out an assessment to either provide suitable cushioning to make the chair comfortable or to provide another suitable chair that is comfortable.

    Having a chair as well as the wheelchair to sit in is a good idea as it enables your wife to have a choice of where to sit and because changing positions is really important.

    Please do speak to your wife's occupational therapist as they should be able to help to make your wife more comfortable.

    Best Wishes
    MND Connect Adviser

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  • Ellie
    Hi David,

    Personally, I like to mix it up and tend to spend the day in my wheelchair and evenings in my riser-recliner armchair.

    It means I don't spend all day in the one position - mind you, I'm at an advanced stage and have no way to physically adjust my position.

    I have different cushions for each chair providing comfort and support. Her COMFORT is paramount - your wife's OT should assess her and supply whatever aids would make her life easier and better.

    Love Ellie.

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  • davidr
    started a topic Wheel chair v Riser recliner

    Wheel chair v Riser recliner

    Hi all, my wife finds the riser chair so uncomfortable after a while, i read on hear some members like to stay in there electric wheel chair, if its better in the wheel chair i will get my wife to try.