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    Hi Jerry,

    You're definitely not alone with your concerns about getting to the 'smallest room in the house' in time. It's an issue that many of us have talked about on this forum!

    Making a quick dash to the bathroom using my rollator was getting more and more difficult, and I was getting stressed about getting there 'in time'. I thought - I have two options to make those bathroom trips easier and less stressful:-
    Option 1. Permanently move into the bathroom.
    Option 2. Get myself an 'electric chair' (opps ... I definitely meant 'electric wheelchair' !!!! LOL)

    Option 1 might have worked because I could still use my IPad and read a book in there (but I'd definitely get bored after a couple of days! ) LOL

    Anyway, to maximise my independence and mobility, option 2 definitely works for me!

    There are lots of different options concerning electric wheelchairs and powerchairs. It depends what your priorities are. Mine doesn't have one of those fancy seats that can be raised up to bar-level level (sadly LOL), but more of a priority for me is that it can be folded down and put in the boot of the car.

    Although I never envisaged needing a wheelchair, at least these days there's a lot of styles/features to choose from and they can give us the freedom to a dash to the bar (or toilet!) very quickly!!

    Another option might be for you to get something like a 'rollator' - I amstill able to use my rollator indoors, but I am a lot more mobile, and can get a lot more done, using my wheelchair.

    I hope you are able to get some effective medication for the cramps, because I don't like to think of my 'forum brother' in Thailand being in pain - and we have got enough to deal with, without having painful cramps pestering us!

    Your GP might be able to prescribe some painkillers, which might help when the pain is bad (downside is that with many of the stronger painkillers you have to avoid drinking alcohol, and if you take them for more than a few days they can become addictive - but I find they are handy for short-term use and can stop the pain when paracetamol and/or ibuprofen doesn't work). Hopefully you will be able to try magnesium, as suggested by Ellie.

    Happy Googling about wheechairs -hopefully you will be able to get yourself one, whenever you would like to.


    Kayleigh xx

    P.S. Fun fact: leafy green vegetables such as spinach contain magnesium. We'd probably have to eat a shed load of spinach though, for it to have much of a positve effect (if any) on painful cramps - but it didn't seem to do Popeye any harm! LOL
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      Kayleigh you’re a star. Reply later I’m shattered for some reason today xxx Jerry